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How to nail packing light

Now that we are finally on level 2 and able to venture outside our province, here is your guide to know how to pack light, especially when you're travelling with kids. We have all been guilty of overpacking when going on a holiday and having kids exacerbates this problem because there is so much more you need to pack for the kids and then we find ourselves in this uncontrollable cycle of asking ourselves the question of "what if". What if they get sick and mess all their clothes, what if they wee and poo in their pants if you're still potty training them and the list goes on and on. These kind of "what if"s naturally lead to overpacking extra clothing or toys which the kids never end up usin

Fitness Accessories That Will MAKE You Want to Work Out.

This is the post you have been waiting for. So there’s no denying that once you get a new accessory - the endorphins kick in and there’s almost a new lease on whatever it is you have the accessory for. Be it a new phone cover, where all you want to do is to show it off. Or a new handbag, and you find yourself ensuring there are only the perfect inclusions packed in neatly. Well the same goes for Fitness accessories. Judging by the way the world is in right now, there’s no doubt that anxiety levels are at an all time high. So exercise is of paramount importance. So if you find yourself feeling a little unmotivated or more stressed of the ‘unknown’ than usual, then you need to excite yourself

Read Your August Horoscope Here.

When the Stars have something to say... We Listen. Aries (March 21 – April 19) Don’t let the remaining weeks of Leo season pass you by, Aries — you’re particularly playful during this time and opportunities for joyous pursuits (say, hobbies or activities that allow you to actively blow off some quarantine steam) will abound. Plus, messenger planet Mercury will join the sun in Leo on the 4th, revealing how to ask for exactly what you want (and more than likely receive it). Speaking of receiving what you believe is due, Uranus will challenge your approach to money matters on the 15th when it begins its monthly retrograde. Since March 2019, the off-kilter planet of revolution has been shaking t

Anti-aging for ‘other’ parts of your body.

Hold the phone! We have been so focused on anti-aging on our face, we have almost neglected to acknowledge the rest of our body aging. While its important to maintain overall health and wellness to slow-down the pre-mature aging process. Here are a few tips on how to keep things tight. DÉCOLLETAGE When taking care of your face, dont stop at the chin. Its important to continue your skincare routine down your neck and the décolletage to that that area youthful. This skin in particular is so thin and delicate - its therefore imperative you keep it nourished and consider applying products that hydrate. Remember : Chest wrinkles are a telltale sign of aging. HANDS Our hands really do take a bea

Lets talk about women

In honor of ‘Women’s Month’ and the fact that us women - are amazing! I have been spending a lot of time reading which has always been something I loved doing when I was younger but never made time for when I got married and had kids. I remember as a child my fascination at the amount of reading my mom used to do and what really stood out for me was that through reading she broadened her general knowledge and perspective substantially and could therefore partake in any conversation from religion to politics to life in general with a solid and informed point of view. I bought my mom two books for Christmas, "The moment of lift" by Melinda Gates and "Becoming" by Michelle Obama and since we ar

How to reorganise your kitchen

A lot of us have been guilty of buying new kitchen utensils that we don't necessarily need or that we are buying to replace an old one which we evidently don't end up giving away. Here are some easy steps of how and what to do to re organise your kitchen. We are definitely the OCD type and because of that we simply cannot function in chaos. A chaotic kitchen makes our heads spin as we don't know where to look or where to find anything and makes the task of cooking that much more frustrating. If you follow these easy steps you can get your kitchen organised in no time. 1. To start the process you must be willing to take at least a few hours to go through everything in your kitchen in order to

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