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Cheers (to the new Normal)

While we navigate the new normal and try to remember life pre-covid. You know.. all those things we took for granted. Like fulfilling the desire to purchase and drink a glass of red when we were felt like it? Needless to say, the alcohol industry is one of many who are struggling and looking for ways to evolve and adapt to change. However even tho we are facing probably the toughest time globally with no foreseen ‘end-date’ to this crazy time. We look for newness and excitement in anything that offers it. Its imperative for our sanity that we indulge once in a while and expect less yet be surprised more. So while we sense the decline of the Houseparty novelty, we look for new ways to keep us

How to make your wardrobe seem never ending

People have often asked me how many clothes I have but quite honestly I really don't have that many clothes. I have learnt how to mix and match my clothing really well and this is the magic trick to making your wardrobe seem never ending. Here are my simple style tips to consider when you are deciding what to wear. By wearing different shoes, bags and accessories you can make an outfit look completely different for example you can wear the same black top and same jeans every week but by styling it differently with different colour belts, bags, shoes, and jewellery it can look completely different. You can also play around by tucking your top in sometimes and other times leaving it loose. Ano

3 Times Royals Invaded The Queens Closet

Closet goals for the British Royals begins in Her Majesty’s vintage wardrobe. When you’re a member of the Royal Family, its pretty normal to expect that you would be wearing some of the Queen’s jewels or fashion for major royal occasions. From pieces that have been passed down to Her Majesty from her peers (ie, fellow Kings & Queens) - nice friends hey? I guess one of the ‘perks’ of being a royal, means that you have access to try these stunning pieces on. Below are a list of our top 3 times Royals invaded The Queens closet : Princess Beatrice Yes the most recent and talked about is Princess Beatrice at her wedding to Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi, this last weekend. The Princess chose two of her gr

How to make your blooms last longer

Receiving a bunch of fresh blooms is just the greatest feeling ever but ensuring they last as long as possible is another story. Keeping your blooms looking beautiful for as long as possible can be a challenge but if you try these simple tricks you're bound to see them lasting longer. Make sure you always cut the stems at an angle about 3 cm from the bottom Next pour the water into the vase - make sure the water does not fill up the vase completely - it should only be about half way or a bit less depending on the blooms you have Add a tray of ice blocks to the water - this is something my mom in law taught me and always works like a dream Add a cap of Jik in the water - sounds crazy but if y

Beauty Miracle Ingredient

When it comes to skincare, there’s one ingredient that has been considered the “ABSOLUTE MUST HAVE” when it comes to maintaining premium skin quality. So before you top up on your skincare purchase, make sure your skincare has this vital ingredient. Hyaluronic Acid. This humble, yet hard-working ingredient is the key antidote to a dry, dehydrated complexion. Being a natural sugar polymer, Hyaluronic acid is able to act as a sponge to hold 1000 times its weight in water retention. Which ultimately enhances the skins natural plumpness with a smoothing effect that reduces the signs of fine lines and wrinkles. As the famous quote from Cameron Diaz in the movie ‘The Holiday’, “severe stress makes

8 Most Show-Stopping Fashion Moments Of All Time - Movie Edition

Ok, admittedly these are also a list of my most favourite movies of all time (Bar some). Regardless, we cannot deny the impact on Style that they have set and curbed the rest of time. Perhaps a good list to ‘work through’ this freezing cold weekend. Lets take a look at the most iconic styles to have ever graced our screens: Diane Keaton in Annie Hall Diane Keaton is a master of her own style and we LOVE everything about it! She maintained her elegance and persona through the years and keeps us on our toes. Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast At Tiffany’s This 1961 classic is still relevant and still stands as the most classic style. Oliver Newton John in Grease This transformational classic is a fas

What 2020 Has Taught Us About Street Style.

2020 thus far has shown us a recession, a pandemic and a horrific racial injustice - 6 months in. The reality is that these traumatic events are highly likely to re-shape the way we consume and express fashion. As history proves, fashion is reactionary. So while we slowly embrace a world of re-opening, it’s unlikely that we will return to ‘normal’ as it once was. With designers cancelling traditional extravagant fashion reveals for simpler, innovative showcases. One of the major concerns in the industry right now is regarding street style photography and how the lack of could ultimately impact the industry as a whole. *But how?* Many people look to street style photography to anaylze and per

How to celebrate July!

How can you make the most of ‘Xmas in July’ while on lockdown. Perhaps what we need more than we think is exactly what the most wonderful time of year brings. Christmas in July has gradually spread across the globe. While its not too clear where it began, it seems the story behind it was introduced by those used to Christmas in the northern hemisphere who had moved to the southern climate. The magic of Xmas lives on in many adults (I’m a major participant of the season and all its magic). While we aren’t expected to put up the christmas tree - the idea behind celebrating Xmas in July is for the family, the food and the festivities. Start by setting a date! Invite your nearest (and within loc

5 Physical Signs Your Body Is Under Too Much Stress

As if being in lockdown for (I’ve lost count, but..) somewhere well over 100 days, with work concerns and challenges, people getting sicker and sicker as the days go on, the circle of covid cases is reaching closer to each of our homes. I mean, its a lot! The realities of what we have been fearing and preparing for the last few months is about to peak and the affects that would have on our personal selves as witnesses and casualties to it all - is highly significant. So we figure that now is a better than than any to evaluate our wellbeing and raise awareness of these critical signs that we may have ordinarily taken in our stride as ‘it’s part of the times’. Here are five very common signs t

We’re Making ‘Cargo’s’ Great Again.

Just as the ‘Cringe’ emoji meets ‘Covers-Eyes’ emoji - we have flashbacks to the 2000’s and the ever popular Cargo pants. As much as you are in shock and possible slight horror as we are in, dont fear! We have the style tips to help you maneuver this unforseen return in a manner that makes it look great again. Style Tips: Cargo’s are distracting enough. So keep the rest of your look as simple as possible. Add a basic white tee and a blazer with some cute shoes and you‘re good to go. Alternatively a classic knit Consider your ratios : The style of the pant (loose vs fitted vs cuffed) and the top half. Avoid heavy branding on the top Here are a few Cargo looks that we approve of:

The Return Of Mary-Janes.

The lovable Babydoll shoes that are perfect for the return to work. This retro meets babydoll classic has its place in most closets. Whether you prefer the heeled classic, or flats - there’s no denying the cute-factor this shoe can add to any look. Recently seen making a major come-back by Zoe Kravitz and... HARRY STYLES! With bold and playful designs, incorporating prints and textures from flats to platforms. Add a pair of socks or stockings and you are good to go! More Babydoll Inspo below:

Its All About The Magic Carpet.

This #StyleStory is being written as my kids are watching Aladdin (for the 50-thousand-th) time this lockdown. So fitting don’t you think? Lets get into it! A stylish home is something we absolutely love, not because we do it for anyone else, but because we do it for the pure joy it brings us personally, especially now when we are working from home. One of the key items to making your house a home and adding that touch of style and class is the investment in a beautiful rug or rugs. We caught up with our friend Emma Burton, co-owner at Voke Rugs, for some more information and tips and tricks we thought would be helpful to you, our readers. Tell us a little bit about Voke Rugs. Voke Rugs was

How To Find Your Style?

More often these days, people are asking ‘how do you know what your style is’? Truthfully, this question can be a lot more complicated if your first instinct when buying items is “Its cool, i like it”. Such a general acceptable understanding of purchasing behaviour right? If you find yourself struggling to make your closet work for you, or have your clothes represent exactly who you are - then you need to find your personal style. Take a look at your closet, is it full of ‘cool, i like it’ items - is it a combination of piece-meal items that you have without an actual plan? This could be daunting most mornings when trying to put a look together. So here are some tips to help you identify exa

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