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Survival Guide for Small Businesses

As a female, "working mom", owned small business there are so many thing we have learnt along the way and continue to learn which drive who we are and what we aim to achieve. As we all know, owning a small business at this point in time, is so difficult! Covid-19 has created some of the toughest environmental and economic challenges and conditions that any one could ever have imagined. When you have worked so hard to create a business and grow it and then all of a sudden see things start to fall apart it's a very tough pill to swallow. But one thing about us is that we are fighters, we are determined, we are resilient, we are passionate, we are innovative and we will never give up! We have

3 Books About Race That Needs To Be Added To Your Reading List

Its easy to feel a bit powerless at the moment - especially when scrolling through the latest headlines. It seems that the concerns and fear of Covid-19 a mere week ago have subdued and somewhat taken a backseat in the midst of the issue of racial injustice. Here we are, today, in the year 2020, dealing with a deadly viral global pandemic, absolute turmoil at the repercussions of said pandemic and yet we are still fighting the same fight against racial injustice for as long as I can remember. How could that be? We are an educated society and are able to achieve so much greatness beyond our wildest dreams. Yet, the simplicity of ‘all lives matter’ dumbfounds some. Again, how could that be? It

In with the Old - Big brands advocating vintage fashion

We are loving this latest campaign by Miu Miu where they encourage re-wearing old fashion pieces through their #MiuMe campaign. Italian fashion brand - Miu Miu is getting our attention. As we sit back and watch the new world unfold. We have to admire those who take the step down a slightly different road in an attempt to drive more interest and engagement in a time of such uncertainty. Especially considering the time we have just had in quarantine - we have had a good opportunity to re-evaluate our wardrobes and ultimately rediscover some old gems. Miu Miu launched a campaign on instagram calling on its fans to capture and express themselves through old and new brand pieces. Its a great exam

The latest IT bag - LV Vibes

No stranger to creating desirable bags, Louis Vuitton has done it again with there latest release - as seen already loved by many celebs and in some beautiful colours. Introducing the LV Pont 9 as the latest addition to their range, with a chic appeal without the heavy monogram traditional print. The Pont 9, offers a calfskin design with a curved silhouette and a gold LV logo closing off this elegant and ultra stylish luxury piece. Some of the colours offered include the all time classic Black, Blue, Orange, Cream, Coral This is without a doubt, the IT bag of the year and if you want to gain anything positive this year - this would be the item that would make you forget all your corona fears

Purple Shampoo.. boop boopie doo!

That’s exactly how this product makes us feel.. it brings out our inner betty boop (boop boopie doo) If you have not heard of or tried this series of purple shampoos now available at your nearest clicks, dischem or similar - you are welcome in advance. Now with us not being able (which btw really sucks more than we can put into non-offensive words) to go to our loved salons for a tone or colour check. We have to now get used to fixing our own hair problems - alone. The science behind one of our biggest problems is that with every passing day, the colour in our hair oxidizes which results in the grassiness and orange tones we end up getting. *So wash your hair less!* I hear you say. Well no,

Trend Report : June 2020

Everything you need to know this month with regards to key trend items, statement pieces and fashion trends. As much as we are just beginning to feel the chill of winter in our beautiful country. In the fashion world - its almost sale time as we see brands prepping for the launch of Spring/Summer 20. This means 2 things: We are well into full seasonal ranges being in-store and online. Expecting some great sales as of this month onwards. So brace yourself. However while we have a monthly report on key trends, we need to remind you of the must-haves this season so you are well equipped for level 3 and the ability to soon move around again. Turtlenecks / Polonecks - essential, bold, versatile W

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