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The Princess & The Silk Pillowcase

Ok, so while this is not a Once upon a time type of story. This is about the secret behind beauty sleep fit for the princesses and queens in us all. So what’s all the hype around Silk Pillowcases? We’ve got the 411! While there’s a lot that can be done to make one look and feel rejuvenated with a good nights sleep. The question is, how much ADDED rejuvenation can be gained with a silk pillowcase? Word on the Insta is that the latest beauty must-have is silk or copper pillowcases! And here it is: Silk Pillowcases Benefits: Reduced pimples Less irritation or skin damage Less drying out skin The reality is that cotton pillows soak up the natural oil and bacteria from your face and hair, whereas

4 Skincare Tips to Keep the Moisture Intact!

The do’s.... the don’ts.... the “Oh I’ve never tried that, I’m gonna try that”. The never ending battle of retaining hydrated skin is always a common talking point especially as we ease into drier and colder seasons. While we can collectively agree that maintaining hydrated and glowing skin is no ‘walk in the park’, the reality of why ‘enough is never really enough’ could be down to the basic formula of your skincare. When we looked into this more, it seems that while a moisturisers general role is to moisturize skin - the complexity of ‘how’ and ‘what else’ creeps in to the ingrediates that go beyond delivering hydration into the skin. Here are some things to consider to optimize the moistu

Take Up This Hobby and Live Longer!!!

Yip.. and wait till you see what it is. While our immediate thoughts would have been meditation, yoga, long nature walks - we were a little surprised with the hobbie associated to this tip. Gardening. So while your immediate visualization of this word showcased an elderly person with a garden hat, some gloves and specs - think again! Here are some reasons that Gardening is what of the best ways to achieve a healthier and longer life. Grow your own Food : for obvious reasons, being the organic factor and all the wonderfulness that goes with eating organic. Mental Health Therapy: Science has proven that getting your fingers in the dirt can improve your state of mind and ultimately your emotion

Most Iconic “Bag” Stories

Here’s a ‘Once upon a time’ you will enjoy. Gucci In the 70’s, without knowing about it - the beautiful Jacqueline Kennedy was building a name for herself as style icon. Gucci named her favourite shoulder bag after her. This classic bag made its comeback in SS20 fashion collections - The Jackie Prada Prada’s most loved nylon shoulder bag graced our world in the 90’s - is their biggest seller. Its minimalist appeal is loved for its classic simplicity. However did you know that Prada have never showcased this bag on the runway until 2018? Hermès The iconic ICONIC iconic Birkin is named after the actress Jane Birkin. Did you know that? The story goes that the Hermès CEO (Jean-Louis Dumas) bumpe

The Golden Rule

How to layer your necklaces and elevate any look. I’m not sure about you guys, but do you ever notice how some people just look so put together by adding jewellery that we have HOARDS off at home, yet simply ‘forget to wear them’? Also, does it ever surprise you how some can take a dainty necklace and pair it with a choker and a longer piece and a pendant piece and look like it was all part of a pack? Well don‘t worry, we’ve broken down the Golden Rule. The trick is to start with a statement piece (usually the shortest piece) and work from there. Add piece by piece until you have a beautifully styled collective. Remember that the mid-longer length necklaces go best with a low neckline or a s

London Fashion Week : Digital Edition

The event that went virtual and genderless for the first time in its history. Historically we would have seen packed audiences and the elite front row seats as we watched designers showcase their ladies and men’s ranges on specific catwalks. Thanks to (yes, I said ‘thanks’) Covid-19, we are seeing adjustments to reflect the new norm. But also, we are seeing key movements in the wake of the Black Lives Matters protests, come to the forefront of the fashion industry. Specifically at LFW, many designers showcased their virtual shows as a mixture of conversations and film which covered the fashion but also the lack of diversity in the industry. This brought about a fresh approach to collaboratio

Ever heard of the Love Hormone?

Its real and its called Oxytocin, but for the ambiance of this #stylestory, we are going to continue referring to it as the love hormone. Simply put this love hormone is responsible for all the feel-good emotions we express and feel. You know that fuzzy feeling when you get the best hugs? Or that tingle and excitement you feel when you kiss? You can thank the love hormone for these beautiful feelings and playing a pivotal part in our bonding experiences. Kinda like a typical (what we would expect a) love potion, this LH enhances our feelings of love and care we feel. However, there are additional wonders of this love hormone that plays along the same lines, but may surprise you as well. Here

Because Mother Nature Says So

The importance of spending time out in nature is profound. Here are some of the reasons why we should all be enjoying the great outdoors. As a child I remember growing up with most of our days spent outdoors, exploring and having many adventures. Obviously being a child back then in very different to being a child in todays digital world. I felt free with no worries in the world - no fear of bugs or who could be out there.. it was safe. it was life. Fast forward 20 years and of course I find myself ‘eeeking’ and ‘omging’ to most Beatles and Bugs that creep in to any major outdoor experience I’m having. My husband keeps saying “This is Africa Babe”. So when reflecting on my younger days and i

Weighted Blankets - The real benefits explained

Not sure if you are also being served ads for the (am-I-the-only-one-who-has-never-really-heard-about-this-before) weighted blanket? So our daily performance in pretty much any task is dependent largely on the quality of sleep we had the night before. While we live the life we live with or without ‘good sleep’, we are still expected to operate. The reality is that no one really starts a greeting with ‘Hi, how did you sleep?’ (Unless of course you have just woken up) So when the hype started circulating about weighted blankets, we figure there must be some science to it all. It got us wondering... Is it worth getting? When looking at the general effects of a weighted blanket, it seems quite s

Move over Celery, Its Cucumber Juice Time!

The next time your order includes a ‘celery juice’ - think again! There is massive hype around the benefits and nutrients associated with cucumber. But is the hype for legitimate reasons? Or is this another ‘Unicorn Cappuccino’ concept? So starting off high-level, cucumbers are actually a fruit and are apart of the watermelon, pumpkin family - therefore are low in calories. they do however contain SOME great antioxidants PLUS they are made up of approximately 96% water. So why not just carry cucumbers around with us all day instead of water bottles? Here are some of the health benefits that Cucumbers provide: Keeps you Hydrated Helps manage weight Boosts skin health Helps with digestive heal

5 Easy Ways To Calm Your Anxiety During This Pandemic

Keep those nerves in check Monitor your media in-take You can’t deny that some social media platforms are a little more prone to ‘bad vibes’ than others. Occasionally we sit back and watch as some use media platforms to slander, complain, digress and add no-real value in terms of the content they are putting out. So with this in mind, its imperative that you keep perspective. Keep perspective of the source, of the content and most importantly, of the emotion its evoking in you. Listen to Music Studies have proven that listening to your favourite song can help you alleviate anxiety. However if your favourite song is likely to cause more anxiety because of its pace or lyric, then perhaps you

Keep Calm & Carry Om

I’m not sure if this resonates with you, but I often find myself in a conversation - a little out of my understanding to be honest - as everyone around me seems to be meditating. Having a general and broad understanding of what it entails and how it supposedly helps one, is clear. However as much as the idea of meditating sounds idyllic and good. It also gives me anxiety - as ironic as that may sound. The thought of sitting still and being one with myself only reminds me of all the things I need to do and gives me ideas of things I could do. “More projects” as my husband says. However I am starting to warm up to the idea that meditating should be (or could be) actually the best thing I could

Maskne much?

Wearing masks to protect ourselves from Covid-19 is causing the undesired Maskne (Mask x Acne). So we did a little research into what causes it and how to deal with it. *quick and easy read - you’re welcome* This is especially important as we get used to the new-normal and the fact that face masks are what we have to start including as an essential part of our daily attire. Aside from the fact that its generally harder to breathe with them on, but now the realities of the impact on the health of your skin are starting to appear. *Hands up if you have already googled the cause of the breakouts or called your derm for an appointment as of recent* Lets look at the WHY. Breakouts happen because

Ted Baker : Its No Ordinary Sale for those in JHB!

Pssst... Here’s the 411 : Trust us, its worth the visit. If you haven’t fully exhausted your wallet on a fresh #WFH wardrobe as yet, then this one is for you. Ted Baker have opened up their famous ‘No Ordinary Sale’ directly from their SA head office in Bedfordview. The Brand offering expands across categories within Men’s & Ladieswear and includes: clothing, footwear, accessories and homeware. Ted is known for its incredible Style for every occasion. The Brit brand is famed for its pretty, quirky and high quality design detail and use of pattern and colour. This is one brand that we really...really love, probably partly because of its feminine, OCD- Devil is in the detail appeal that totall

5 Tips on how to make it appear like you have expensive taste

Elevate your look now! Gosh-Iron-it My mom always said that a creased outfit is not going to do you any favours. So take the extra couple minutes and iron or steam that look. It will make the difference you are looking for. The amount of times we’ve seen online shops post items for sale that are creased is disturbing. Button-up One of our most favourite simple hacks is to swap the buttons!!! Its our favourite because it adds the most class to any item. Don’t be nervous - just do it! Silhouettes This is the real extravagance opportunity - by taking simple wardrobe pieces and applying some basic styling techniques you are catapulting your look to the next few levels. Add a belt to emphasize yo

3 Micro trends to watch RN!

We’ve got our ears to the ground and our eyes on the trends to bring you the 3 most compelling micro trends around right now. Ok so trends come and go, we all know that! But here are some ‘underlying’ trends that we love and want to see explode into every closet again! Berets Everyone’s inner French-Girl is bursting with excitement right now *totally me* Adding a level of style that only a Beret can add - its time to invest in at least one. Orange Tartan So a little more ‘out-there’ than the traditional red or brown tartan - orange is proving to be a loved variant of this trend. Perhaps not to invest in a full look. However if you see it around in smaller accessories - I would say its a go!

The Bend & Snap is Comin’ Back!

If this heading does not ring any bells then you should probably keep scrolling. Ok Legally Blonde fans - It’s official - Legally Blonde is returning for the third installment in the rom com franchise. Reese Witherspoon will return as the iconic Elle Woods, however one change in the production team : Mindy Kaling has signed on as co-writer on the script. Which we are thrilled about! What else can we confirm? The original producers are back. No official release date has been set (covid delays), but it was scheduled for 2020. At worst case, we can assume early to mid 2021 Jennifer Coolidge is happy to return as Paulette. Luke Wilson is also thrilled to get involved. We are sure to see this ins

Acid wash.. is back!

Youth month is here and its only fair that we take time to reflect on our youth. Love em or hate em the fact remains - the 80’s acid wash denim is back to the forefront of fashion. While we saw the demise of acid wash denim by mid-late 90’s. We saw its come back in a classic triumphant return in 2019. So ladies, its time to channel your inner ‘Saved by the bell’ and punk rock, surfer culture and practice this 80’s punk scene. You don’t have to push yourself out of your comfort zone too much. For a simple preppy look, try a Acidwash Denim mini or jeans with an over-sized knit. Or add a simple white tee with an oversized blazer with a cute headband accessory. Here’s some more Inspo from our st

Fashion & Beauty Brands Supporting: #BlackLivesMatter

As we see the world begin to open up and start speaking up - its clearly not a time to stay silent or stand by. Many brands in the fashion & beauty industry are stepping up and taking a stand against racism. Some brands have made public commitments to donating funds to various organizations supporting Black Lives Matter and offering added support to black-owned businesses. We watched as riots unfold all over the world and how brands are putting their ego’s aside to prove their support. Marc Jacobs in particular showed that they stand in solidarity with protestors saying, “Never let them convince you that broken glass or property is violence” he wrote, adding “Property can be replaced, human

Celeb : 3 takes on styling j/leggings

With comfort being a major priority in 2020, we’ve turned to some of our favourite celebs to get their take on styling J/leggings as we ease out of quarantine. Roxy Burger 1: Favourite J/Leggings brand? “I pretty much only wear my leggings when working out or pregnant. I wore Freddy jogging throughout my pregnancy and they’re coming in handy again now. I also love Cotton On leggings for workouts. Affordable and really comfortable!” 2: How would you style them? “Generally I like wearing something oversized and long on top if I’m wearing leggings on bottom. So either a big over-sized jersey or a long shirt or the likes.” Roxy Photocred : How Do I Look? SA Shashi Naidoo 1: Favourite J/Leggings

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