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What is your HDS?

HDS = Home Decor Style. Some questions to help you figure out your home aesthetic niche. Ok so Almaza’s family are very well known in the home decor space, both in South Africa and New York. So inevitably as business partners and besties, who are both very similar in many ways - we have an extreme passion for home decor and (of course) shopping home decor. Having learnt a lot about interior decorating over the years, through her family of experts, trials/learning, hunting high and low and really keeping an eye out for our ‘style’. We wanted to kick start your own self reflection on what is your home decor style? Lets start by asking yourself these key questions: 1. What do I want my house to

Bike Shorts : Love em’? Hate em’?

Kim K first introduced us to the savage street-style of bike shorts - (of which we admittedly weren’t initially massive fans). The thing about these short tights is that they are extremely versatile with being a transitional wardrobe item from workwear to homewear to leisurewear. Therefore it could quite possibly be the easiest style hack right now! If you are looking for an easy way to style this trend.. as we enjoy the last few days of not entirely freezing! Pop on an oversized blazer with a cute sweater or feminine top with puff sleeves and you’re good to go! Newer versions of this simple garment include colours from solid black to neon hues and fun prints. There are endless ways to styl

Time to transform your bathroom into a spa

Aren’t these the magic words we all want to hear in our new #LifewithCovid ? *Breathe Deep... exhale* The truth is that after a day or 65 days to be exact of working from home and dealing with the lack of socialization, sitting at your #WFH desk, organizing and re-organizing all your cupboards and drawers.... we can’t help but dream of those wonderful, idyllic spas that used to make us feel like we were royalty. However now, with Covid (and all that jazz).. who knows when we will be able to experience a real-life spa again? So we looked to the brand that speaks in a language called ‘luxury’ to see if they had any products that could transcend us into a spa in the comfort of our own homes (of

We totes got you!

Here’s a look at some of the most stylish totes for all your essentials.. and more (Of course!) You know how the saying goes ‘a bag tells you a lot about a person’ ... no? They don’t say that? Really? Ok well, maybe not, but the truth is that as women (and some men) we have a collection of bags that serve different purposes and are used for different life journey’s. While the joys of having a chic, statement mini bag is right up there, the truth is that its not the most versatile of companions when it comes to day-to-day needs. So we divert to the universally accepted ‘tote bag’. However its not as straight forward as I’m making it sound. There’s so much to consider: 1. Which brand? 2. Colou

Move over cheese (boards)

Yes...Pancake boards are a thing. So pass the toppings please! Ok so we should have started this post with a ‘caution: do not read on an empty tummy’, but we are here now and if anything we hope to inspire you to jump onto this trend at your next meal time. Introducing one of Instagram's latest trends: Pancake Charcuterie Boards. This amazing trend is serving up some delicious inspiration! Sure, traditional cheese boards, charcuterie boards, and even candy boards are awesome, but these pancake boards just speak to us on another level. Instead of whipping up a few pancakes in the morning, why not put them on a serving board with all the fixings, and then some?! Think big and small: fresh fru

Love Thy Self.

While the 1st of Jan is often filled with promises of self-care, you have to admit that as time goes on, its easy to forget those promises while we push through 10000 daily tasks and reminders of all the things we have to do for others. Am I right? As such we get reminded of these priorities at key times and celebrations during the year (for example, Mother’s Day). So we wanted to take a look at some tips on nurturing ourselves with the love we deserve. Its about doing small things, with great love. Also, side-note : self-love shouldn’t only be reserved for Sunday. Here are some of our favourite self-love tips: 1. Enjoy your own company. Laugh (at yourself), be at peace (being alone). 2. For

Racks & Rails Rendezvous

With the fabulous Nicole Bessick Nicole Bessick is undeniably one of the most loved personalities around. She oozes confidence, intellect, wit, determination and doesn’t fall short in the beauty department either! This stunner came into our lives while she was still at UCT finishing off her studies and nowadays is winning hearts as a popular face on our favourite soapies. We had the opportunity to have a quick catch up with this beaute and had to clarify some pressing (yet classic) Racks & Rails Rendezvous questions. Enjoy! So here it is.... 1. 5 things you can’t live without? My day planner! I've been trying to keep as close to "business as usual" as the lockdown will allow. I'm trying to s

5 tips on keeping your home stylish

If anyone knows anything about us, they know that we are OCD (yes!), but also that we have a passion for home decor and lifestyle. Constantly having our eyes on the next thing we need to do with the house. Putting it lightly, our ‘whoosah!’ pick would be taking an easy stroll through the likes of SHF or Block & Chisel. We can’t help it.. its an obsession. Because of this, people often ask us to help with interior decor and design, so we thought you may find this story of interest. Now more than ever, we are spending so much time in our homes and even though some days we may feel like a bomb has hit them with mess and chaos everywehere, there are ways to ensure that this is not the case every

Got (Oat)Milk?

While actual ‘oat milk’ has its benefits, of which our favourite is that its low in calories, fat and sugar - but also a great source of protein and fiber (just BTW!). This post is not actually about oat milk, the milk. Its about the beautiful pallet trend this season - Oat milk - the colour! What’s great about this colour is that its trans-seasonal in our opinion. Off-white, ivory and any creamy pearly hues will stand firm in this striking and elegant look. French designer, Isabel Marant, based her collection off this seasons favored colour pallet, highlighting that the secret to pulling it off is to include different textures in your head-to-toe oat-milk look. You could try a pleated skirt

Get your French-girl vibe on!

Let us show you how to channel your inner Je ne sais quoi. After all, our dreams of going to Paris seem so far from a reality right now - thanks to divoc (yes, I’ve spelt it backwards on purpose because actually ‘what divoc is going on?’). The idea of walking down a Parisian cobbled street with some of the most loved fashion brands on either side of the road and the most impeccable styled individuals who just seem to ‘get it right’ without even trying. Its almost like its in the air.. the breeze is just whispering style secrets at everyone. Is there any other rational explanation for it all? With their quintessential style and ability to make almost anything look chic, we looked at the must-

3 Foolproof ways to style leggings

Lets have a look at how you can elevate your #WFH legging looks. But first, the all time favourite fashion debate of: are leggings legitimate pants? Or not? Our opinion? Well we believe it really comes down to the fabrication of the leggings. Without getting too technical on product intrinsics, if it holds firm - it is a pant. If it holds light, it is not. However for the sake of not being fashion policed when those video calls are on, lets have a look at what we believe are the top 3 points to adhere to when styling leggings. 1. Business Casoool as we like to say (refer to this previous story.) Nowadays being business-presentable, is a fine line between being business and being casual-cool

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