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Magic : Mushrooms for Sensitive Skin

While at home, you are probably trying out different skin care routines, or noticing the heater and all the extra chocolate you are consuming - must have some not-so-good effect on your skin. If you have any redness or inflammation you never asked for, here is one skin care hack that you will undoubtedly be surprised by. Mushrooms. Not exactly the type that is eluded to in the heading of this #StyleStory, but rather the actual fungi. Who knew that mushrooms are loaded with anti-inflammatory properties? Ok ok.. before we start getting asked how to apply actual mushrooms to your daily skin care regime, we have to clarify - that there are actual mushroom infused beauty products out there for yo

“Fashion Passes, Style Remains.” - Coco Chanel

How and why you need to consider certain buys - an investment. The idea of having an item or two that I can pass down to my daughters as iconic and valuable fashion designs and craftsmanship - is a dream I hope to achieve. So I have to ask myself the all important questions of... How? (We’ll leave the Why for later) First and foremost, you have to do your research to understand a which brands are considered most valuable. It goes deeper than we would have ordinarily assumed. Its about the craftmanship, the exclusivity, the detail of the irregularities or imperfections, the scarcity and hardware. ”Fashion shouldn’t feel disposable,” British Vogue editor-in-chief Edward Enninful said when desc

Ankle Deep.

Another 90’s trend making its comeback - can’t say that we aren’t excited about this one! Even though we are heading into winter, this is one trend that will see us at least through to the end of summer 2020. Once a loved 90’s must-have, that was a staple accessory amongst surfers and grungy teenagers. Now enlightens us with a comeback we are slightly intrigued by - one that offers a chic spin to enhance all our outfits. From a dainty chain to compliment a beautiful heel or a pearly beaut to enhance a timeless sense of class. This short and sweet style story doesn’t stop there. You can take it to the next level with double or triple anklets and of course, our most favourite... diamond anklet

My Plans vs 2020 : This Meme Trend Has Us In Stitches

One thing that’s kept us going and on the edge of our couches during this lockdown period and amidst this covid catastrophe has been the quick wit and undeniably quick turn around with memes across our newsfeeds and Whatsapp groups. Ok lots of words. Long sentence. *Deeep breath* Head on over to twitter or instagram to have some comic relief from the realities of the situation. Don’t forget to tag us so we can have a giggle too!!! Here are some of our favourite “My Plans vs. 2020” memes:

Will Coronavirus Change The Fashion World As We Knew It Pre-covid?

Can we really imagine a world where fashion is deemed unnecessary or tackless, given the harsh realities Covid-19 has forced our way? As much as we probably find it hard to see the need for flashy glam designs - Designs that we would have traditionally welcomed with open arms at the start of each fashion season. However, The reality is that while we all sit back and watch in disbelief as the world begins to adjust to the new-normal. The fashion landscape has been subjected to similar reform-meets-crisis-management before. While we acknowledge that the 2008 recession and the 2020 Covid-19 crisis have entirely different harm potential. There are similiarities we can draw when it comes to the b

Our Netflix Binge Watch RN

‘Hollywood’ on Netflix has the fashion fix you know you need. Ryan Murphy’s latest Netflix series - Hollywood is exactly what we needed this quarantine. Taking us back to old Hollywood, post world-war II era, the series zones in on the impeccable glamour of that era. An escape very welcome given the current crisis and global situation. We are undoubtedly craving the glam that we are used to being exposed to. Even our favourite celebs are showing us their best loungewear and casool collections as we all quarantine. So having this series take us into a world where men are properly suited up and women are effortlessly glamorous together with a plot that’s exciting and fast moving - keeps one su

Its National Pyjama Day!

Brrrr....Ok, so while its not ‘officially pj day’, we deem it a fair-enough declaration due to the insanely swift cold front that’s just swept into our lives. So do as you may, be as you want and if you have to (have to, have to, have to..) leave the house, then follow the below style tips on how to stay warm. Gather your winter basics and bring them right up to the front of your closets. Its time to pack away those pretty party dresses and make space for the essentials. Don’t get us wrong, we aren’t saying that you have to compromise on your style! Oh no, no! We are here to help - help you plan your outfits according to the forecast and to guide you on how to invest in the most important st

‘The One With All The Recipes’

Just when you thought your culinary therapy couldn’t get more exciting. An official ’Friends’ cookbook is being released. This new book will have everything from starters to mains, drinks and desserts and each chapter will feature an ‘iconic’ treat’ from the series and cast. Monica’s famous thanksgiving feast, Rachels ridiculous trifle, Phoebe’s grandmother’s cookies and of course, Ross’s “moist-maker” turkey sandwich will all be included. The book was written by Amanda Yee and is a welcomed distraction as we eagerly await the upcoming Friends reunion. Expected release date for the “Friends: The Official Cookbook” is September this year.

How to set the perfect table

Making your dinner table look beautiful is something that just makes your experience of sitting down and eating so much more special. You may think that table setting is out of your realm and only for the experts but it really is not. I grew up with a grandmother who wrote a book on table setting and etiquette and it has thus been engrained into my brain! That being said I still don't think I am as good at it as my gran or mom (I constantly have them in my head saying "No, move that away there", or "That is just not working, try again" etc.) but I've realised that the more I practice, the better I get at it. A beautiful table setting is not just about adding class and style to what you do bu

Copy-Cats? Good, Bad and FFS!

Its one thing when you look to another for inspiration. Its actually one of the best ways brands and businesses are able to better themselves. By comparing themselves to each other. Its when you sit back , take a look around and ask yourself: “What are they doing that we aren’t doing?” In advertising this is a common scope of service called a competitor review. However the line is a fine one when it comes to being copied. Especially after you have given something your dedication and commitment - then to have someone else do the same thing and may even get more acknowledgement than you. *Sips glass of wine* The other side of this line is one of support and upliftment where we look to inspire

3 shocking boot trends this season!

Bet you didn’t see this coming? We aren’t far off from the moment Mother Nature decides to #fliptheswitch which forces us into a spin that results in everyone uttering the following words like a mexican wave through the nation .... “OMG its freezing!” Tad dramatic? Oh well, don’t act surprised about it either - I am a little dramatic. I think the thing that really set off this tone in me today is the shock and slight horror of these three boot trends that we’re mean’t to see this coming winter. Needless to say - I’m not a fan. But for what’s its worth and for you trendy cool cats out there, here they are: 1. White Boots. While this immediately takes me back to my ‘baby spice’ wannabe days -

Wardrobe wars?

"How do I organise my wardrobe?", is a question we often get asked. You won't believe how simple it actually is until you follow the steps below Start by going through all the clothing that you have not worn in the last year. If it is not a classic piece or not in good condition, get rid of it! Make sure you pack your wardrobe in such a way that you can visibly see everything! There is a very good reason for a neat and organised wardrobe and that is so that you can actually wear all the things you have instead of wearing the same thing over and over again Colour coordinate and or categorise your clothing into for example jeans, smart pants, smart tops etc. This is not just my OCD, I promise

The secret behind “Beauty Sleep”

Ok ok.. so as we grow up we hear of “sleeping beauty” and the story of how she had slept for as long as she did and yet somehow— never ages? (*raised eyebrow*) Nowadays, whilst we have wised up on the reality that sleeping longer than a single day would be due to some sort of medical inducement (I’m no expert, but in my non-expert opinion of course). We have a very common knowledge that skin is less likely to wrinkle if there is more collagen present. Collagen of which ensures your skin looks plumper. However as we look at our favourite beauty brands and the directions for optimal application, we can’t help but wonder... is there something more to ‘beauty sleep’? The answer? Yes! Its all abo

Spice up your Girl Power!!

Almost exactly a year ago Alisha was in Edinburgh on the most amazing 48 hour whirlwind trip to - see the Spice Girls live. While that’s a story for another day, the thing she kept singing around the office for weeks thereafter was “We’re the spice girls yes indeed. Just girl power is all we need. We know how we got this far. Strength and courage and a wonderbra.” That little memory came flooding back to me when we were discussing this new channel on instagram called The Girls Club. Its a platform that is dedicated to connect women to share stories and inspire other women. Haha - what can we say - great minds think alike? The thing is that it’s more important now than ever before that we as

The Do-Good.

Proving that 6 degrees of separation can result in constructive conversations. As we begin this journey of ‘back to abnormal’ way of living, we are faced with new challenges and new goals. As such, its important for us to share stories like this to encourage more do-good. More awareness of how connected we actually are and if we just broaden conversations constructively - perhaps we’d be doing more good. This story began when a friend of mine, Dharshni Padayachee mentioned her friend, Carrie (whom I had apparently met at a wedding last year) was doing some interesting work with regards to providing masks to communities in need by working with inner city suppliers. This is where the 6 degree

Dior : Free Ballet Classes

Grab your leggings and socks - no tutu required. Just when we are beginning to come to terms with the idea of virtual workouts - Dior slaps forward with free ballet classes that take us right back to our childhood dreams of being a ballerina. Dior have shared three new masterclasses starting with a warm-up routine (Personally, I’m not sure I will make it past the warm-up - but hey what else do we have to do?) The mesmerising ballet lessons and movement workshops are led by dancers and choreographers from Paris Opera Ballet and Teatro dell’Opera di Roma. They urge us to “take advantage of this opportunity to learn how to feel and respond to the music, how to improvise and to perfect some key

A little floral surprise..

There’s something undoubtably special about flowers, the scent they provide and prettiness of it all - that just brighten up any day. One thing we know is that flowers always make us feel better. No matter what the occasion is or how down we feel, receiving a bunch of beautiful flowers never fails to lift our spirits! Flowers also add that special touch in making your home look stylish and warm. There is nothing more refreshing than walking into a room and seeing a beautiful curated bunch of flowers that enhance your space. We don't know about you but we are always seeking out new and interesting things. Recently for Mother's Day we were on the hunt for some beautiful flowers that we could o

Don’t know how she does it?

As the famous movie title once said ever so accurately, we working moms always find that instead of sleeping, we do the list. Whether Sarah Jessica Parker nailed the performance to your real life scenario or not, the reality is that we women are programmed to generally take on more than we ever thought we could. And guess what? We can do it all and still look fabulous! So here are some of our key tips on how to ‘do it all’ from one do-it-all to the next do-it-all: 1. Organisation is key - Being organised is the only way that you will be able to manage and multi task as a working mom. It is also something that helps you keep sane because you will feel comforted in knowing that things are in

Culinary Therapy Anyone?

With just a simple scroll through your newsfeed I’m sure you will find that most of your network have been expressing themselves through culinary therapy.. which yes - Is actually a thing! We can’t deny that the quarantine period has turning to cooking and baking as a form of comfort. Psychology professional, Michael Kocet, Ph.D., who specializes in practicing culinary as an art of therapy confirmed this in his research. He defines this practice as “the therapeutic technique which uses culinary arts, cooking, gastronomy, and an individual’s personal, cultural and familial relationship with food to address the emotional and psychological problems faced by individuals, families and groups.” Ba

How to look better on your video calls in 3 seconds.

These tips for your #WFH meetings that defy the webcam’s resolution. Small screens and questionable WiFi often means that you can get away with singular make-up outputs for maximum make-up effects. Don’t be horrified the next time you ‘enter’ a virtual room and see the face that you are exposing is not what you thought you had seen 5min before in the mirror. Its a harsh reality check for sure! The good news is that you aren’t expected to over-do your daily make up for your #WFH look. No one is expecting any red carpet glam - however in saying so its still important to do the little things that make us feel good during these difficult times. So we decided to provide 3 very simple tips on how

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