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Woven Wonders (Spoiler alert)

Ok ok, we’ve literally just missed out on the launch of AW20 thanks to Covid. But don’t worry, there is light at the end of this tunnel – we still have SS20 to look forward to (fingers crossed). One key trend I must tell you about is all about woven wonders – anything crochet basically. This trend was massive in AW20 and spoiler alert for SS20 – it will remain a key trend. So if you spot any woven wonders as you scroll the internet.. my advice : don’t hesitate!


The biggest day of your life is (or was) approaching. Now what? Why postponing your wedding because of the coronavirus could be a blessing in disguise It seems silly right? But actually if you think about it, it gives you extra time to perfect the finer details. Growing up I was always taught that when it comes to hosting an event, people will remember all the small things and not necessarily the one big thing! We spend so much of our time perfecting things like making sure the food menu is delicious and caters to all tastes as well as making sure the decor is on point, and of course these are very important in achieving your dream wedding, but it’s the small things that people will always a

Style in a time of crisis!

Looking back at some of the most iconic developments in fashion history, one stand out story sits with one of the most incredible luxury brands of all time. Hermès was founded in 1837 and faced some, what seems like common today, struggles during the World War II. However back before WWII, they used to ship out products in beige boxes. With the many sacrifices that the war brought, it only left a bright orange paper material for the brands usage. From that moment on, ladies (& gentlemen), the signature orange brand identity was born. It has been trademarked and today that orange hue represents the core of the Hermès brand. Fast forward many years and we are what has been perceived as facing

Lockdown Cas-ooool

The new lockdown-casool (casual.. and still cool) looks that have us feeling like we could handle a few days extra days in quarantine. While we scroll through endless feeds across platforms like instagram and tik tok, we can’t help but wonder… how do some manage to keep their  lockdown-loungewear-look, in check? We put it down to two things: Before people actually ‘curate content’ – yes that’s right! It’s a completely considered and planned action. They ensure their look is on point. Gone are the early days of the simple filtered selfie. These days the reality is that content is king – or queen from our perspective. For OCD people like myself, I prefer to have a ruthless approach to my close

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