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Note for the guys: Handbags are a good investment!

Believe it or not! The next time you hear “you don’t need that” or “you have one already”, just share this and tag the other end of these comments. The truth is that designer handbags are more than just another purse.. they are the number one collectible item in 2019. Which makes them a worthy investment, surely! Based on a report published by real-estate brokerage Knight Frank, handbags are out ranking art, stamps and even rare whiskey in the collectible space. While art showed an ROI of approximately 5% last year, handbags brought in a 13% gain, following which was stamps at 6%. The reality is that nowadays online shopping has allowed for greater shopping experiences - thereby fueling the

Lockdown Graduation? Here are some pointers from Didie Makobane

As we head into what would have been an iconic moment in many students lives, we find ourselves looking for ways to keep the youth of today excited and motivated as they see the word ‘cancelled’ slapped over their would-be graduation date. Looking back at one of our favourite quotes, by the woman who speaks all levels of delight, Oprah Winfrey, “the biggest adventure you can take, is to live the life of your dreams.” We decided to speak to someone who is extremely passionate and dedicated to uplift and inspire young South Africa to be the best they can be and to do nothing short than to reach for their dreams. We spoke with actress and motivational speaker Didie Makobane, regarding her views

Tarina Patel on #LockdownLearnings

If you know anything about Tarina Patel, its probably her star style or bollywood beauty! However when we approached Tarina to discuss some of her #LockdownLearnings , we felt really inspired to share her views about the strength and love she feels for South Africa, our communities and our people. Tarina is a well known actress, model and film producer. She is the only South African (despite SA having the second largest Indian population outside of India) who has had phenomenal success in Bollywood (having starred in numerous films). Locally Tarina has been a fan favourite in many soapies, reality shows and has often graced the cover of the largest publications in the country. On the glam sc

The Fashion Secret.

We know you know we know you wanna know the #fashionsecret most editors and stylists know. So here it is. Cost.Per.Wear! If you remember these words you will be infiltrating the ultimate fashion secret before you know it. What it comes down to is a major reality check. It’s not about having the dream closet like the Kardashians, or paying ridiculous amounts on individual items that you may only wear a hand full of times. It’s about the cost per wear. What this means is that if you know that you will be getting enough use out of any particular potential purchase, then yes its worth the buy. BUT if you know that you may only get away with wearing a high-ticket item a few times, then its not wo

Interior 101 : Making your bedroom your sanctuary!

Why? Because we all deserve to be able to have a comfy retreat that we can escape to (at least while we can’t really escape anywhere else at the moment). Here are a couple tips on how to get your bedroom into your zen room! 1. Colour starts here Firstly, have a look around and identify what colour pallet you want to work with. Are you more neutrals or deep blues or pastel pinks or calming white? Whatever your options are, before you make any definite decisions on this first point. Be sure to check out this site for how these colour choices impact the vibe of your bedroom. It’s no joke, there’s total science behind it - have a look! (TIP: Try to keep your larger items like your headboard in a

Fashion: Face masks to be part of our staple wardrobe.

We could have seen this coming, the next big thing (as they say!) Face masks and suppliers there of, are beginning to dominate our shopping channels. Here’s one to check out and some tips on ensuring you do-it-right! As of 1 May all South Africans will be required to wear a cloth mask to ensure the safety of ourselves and others. The debate around necessity of using masks has been ongoing since the onset of the virus, however the WHO has in recent weeks come forward and recommended that people should wear masks in certain instances. Luckily a lot of clothing manufacturers are now producing masks for people to purchase online. However, as always, we want to ensure that we still look stylish a

WATCH : The Magic of technology

Our Dearest friend was due to get married this last week and due to Covid, has had to postpone their dream wedding. Brace yourself! I had tears in my eyes watching this amazing tribute! (Keep reading...) Gaby and Kyle have been dating for over 3 years, having met as kids and many years later kindled this amazing love they share. Gaby Trathen runs a phenomenal beauty salon called Bloom & Blush, while Kyle Hyam is MD at New Vantage Properties. When he whisked her away on the Blue Train for her Birthday last year, we had a sneaky suspicion that this could be ‘the trip’. Of course it was and that was the beginning of Gaby and Kyle’s #ItsAboutHyam! Sadly with Covid, we have seen so many special o


Because its never been more important than it is now to support local. While we have global brands to inspire and collectively curb the way for fashion. What you take of it and what you make of it is really down to you personally and your very own style story. With Covid-19 impacting life as we knew it so significantly, we can’t shy away from the realities of our very own. Across categories and lifestyles of course! It’s therefore more important now than ever before, to be there for each other. To be ambassadors of our people, our brands, our businesses. With ‘The Big Guys’ showing their emotional vulnerability’s to the repercussions of the pandemic - how are the small guys going to survive?

Being Style Ready

With Autumn/Winter almost behind us, what’s new for Spring/Summer 2020? Ok ok.. yes its still technically winter. But in the fashion world, we should have been already heavily into moving winter stock and stepping into the markdown space to make way for the launch of SS come August. So while in lockdown and under covid19 restrictions, we completely missed the excitement of a new season launch (AW20). Although there is a silver lining - in that we just cannot deny the level of anticaption we have for the mass clearance sale that’s about to hit us. *Fingers crossed!* Regardless, looking forward to Spring/Summer 20 is still uncertain, in terms of what we can and can’t do and where we can and ca

Christian Dior : Designer of Dreams exhibition available virtually

Snuggle up and be prepared to be dazzled! In light of lockdown restrictions, Dior have opened up its Designer of Dreams exhibition to an entirely virtual Experience. The enchanting experience is a journey through iconic moments with each room depicting a story and style behind the story (how appropriate!) From “The New Look” which focused on Diors famous Bar suit, to The Dior Line” which takes a look at some of the designers 10 defining looks from 1947 to 1957. Step into “The Ballroom” for a full fledged celebration of glam and all the princess fantasies we dream of. From Princess Margarets 21st Birthday gown to the liquid-gold dress Charlize Theron wore in the J’adore fragrance commercial.

3 Expert tips on looking after your mental health during lockdown

The virus has completely dominated conversations across every ‘chat group’, social media platform and conference call. Where we were a few weeks ago: thinking about work, how to stop the dogs from barking at 7am, getting kids to school and buying umtine presents for birthday party dominated weekends - are but a distant memory. While we can acknowledge that Covid-19 is a real life experience, we as human beings (I believe!) have the ability to either easily adapt to the current situation or struggle to adapt. Everyone has different circumstances, different environments and as such we thought it would be helpful to look into ways to take care of our inner (mental) self. We spoke with Specialis

Dress like you’ve got somewhere to go!

Its been longer than we’d like to acknowledge and as such some of us could be feeling like we’re in a bit of a rut of sorts. While on one hand we totally get it and we appreciate that our government and global leaders have instilled this quarantine period - we also need to take our feelings back into our own hands. We’ve been in loungewear and PJ’s for weeks... if you reading this ... trust us: It’s time. So follow these tips and have yourself feeling a little more revived and a little less in a rut: 1. Channel your 15 year old self. Start with some music. Set the scene - when was the last time you played music really loud in your room like your a teenager trying to figure out your favorite

Watch: 3 most memorable fashion moments

Sit back.. relax and don’t forget to tell us what you classify as most memorable fashion moment. 1. Karl Lagerfeld : Inspired by Hip-Hop Karl Lagerfeld is known to take relevance from what’s trending and emerse talkable elements into the designs. In 1991, he took a controversial spin with classic Chanel and what is now ‘old skool’ hip-hop. *Our hero* 2. Loved Vivienne Westwood transforms her runway A real moment in fashion history was one of the many spectacles Vivienne Westwood was fast becoming known for. Brings us to her 1995 SS collection where the likes of Kate Moss walked the runway eating ice-creams and .. wait for it... shared them with front-row guests. Talk about sharing is caring!

Online learning : Up-skill yourself during Quarantine!

From free Harvard courses to mastering a new language.. The ‘house’ is your oyster right now! So as we know the realities of us getting back to brunch dates, shopping saturdays, dinners and lazy beach days are on hold for the foreseeable at least. Dont worry, Netflix isn’t going anywhere.. and until you find your next binge watch. TRY THIS! Up-skill yourself! Why not, right? Who knows, perhaps you could find your next calling. Your next ‘big thing’, your next passion. So I’ve been looking into various apps and courses and found these phenomenal options for anyone needing more. 1. Free Harvard Courses Harvard University is offering 67 courses for free during the pandemic. From Gaming and soft

Style it.. like its the 90’s

Some of the worlds most relevant ‘it girls’, 90’s fashion is never going out of style. While Bella Hadid, Kaia Gerber and Emily Ratajkowski are modern day girls, their style is collectively proving to be iconic... in a very 90’s way. From crop tops and vests to cardigans, denim and more denim - if you have a love for this style - these are key components to bring it together. Once lockdown is over and we hopfully head back to work - statement suits, silky coords, slip dresses paired with oversized blazers and even some plaid - will take you deep into a feel-good-90’s-sitcom look. Style Tip? Take a look in your moms closet... head right to the back and you may find a couple pieces that could

Are you Fashion-Dreaming?

Seriously? Are you dreaming of getting all dressed up and leaving the house? Ok ok, so there’s no denying that we have been enjoying the absence of the daily question! While the recent weeks have seen us play around with a sleepwear meets loungewear integration, I’m finding that now as we hit day 20-odd in lockdown : I can’t wait to go somewhere.. anywhere.. I can’t wait to see people out and about. I can’t wait to get back to work. I can’t wait to get dressed up! Never again will i complain about not wanting to go anywhere (*Scouts honor!*) While this is a reality we all face and we are no doubt going to be stronger and wiser individuals post this pandemic. For now, all we can do is dream

JUST IN: Skin care’s new ‘Holy Grail’ ingredient

As we all are sitting at home.. staring at nothing but ourselves. We can’t help but wonder - ‘Gosh, I’m aging!‘ So as any normal and (always crazy) person would do, we start to ravage through our draws and unpack all our once committed to and once (or twice) sold on products that just seem to find its way to the back of the draw. *Disclaimer: please ensure you are not using products that are years old! It’s probably not still considered ‘ok to use’. * So, once you realize that you don’t have anything that will do the trick anymore, we turn to the digital world and try to decipher our skin type, one brand from another, the ‘best’ on the market, the most cost effective and the undeniable quest

The Truth about Patterns!

Runway Rundown by Zaida Omar From patchwork patterns to paisley-prints reign supreme. Prints and patterns are all over runways and instagram - well pre covid19 anyway. The winter 2020 print trends include references to spring, like various florals, butterflies and tie-dye. While others are classic autumn-like argyle, plaid, paisley, brocade and checkered patterns. Incorporate these prints in your wardrobe by pairing a statement printed coat or shoe with a classic outfit.

WFH Desk Inspo

By now we are finding our feet in terms of the whole ‘working from home’ requirements. *Hands up those of you who have found a hidden sense of thrill with setting up your WFH space?* It was inevitable. What are those special items that keep your WFH space inspirational, motivating, easy and that ultimately keeps us going – instead of hibernating in front of Netflix (which by the way, has literally been the next best thing since sliced bread). *No I take that back.. I miss bread and the frequency in which I used to get it* Regardless here are some of our favourite things to help you create a WFH space that keeps you going. First you will need to start with a clear space. A desk or table that

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