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Your Must Read this December!

With the 7th book due to be realized in 2021. Do yourself a favour and catch up on the first 6 books that will have you so emotionally invested - it will literally consume you.

Today we want to introduce you to a unique book series which follows seven sisters on their discovery of her roots.

In 2014, Lucinda Riley published her first book in the Seven Sisters series and since then, every year a new and beautiful book has been released.

The Northern Ireland historical fiction author says she wanted to celebrate the achievements of women, especially in the past. Every volume contains two stories—one in the past and one in the present.

The Seven Sisters tells the story of six sisters, adopted by a Swiss billionaire called by them as Pa Salt. He adopted the girls as babies from all over the world and gave them a home on his island in the middle of Lake Geneva. After his unexpected death, the sisters receive letters with coordinates and clues which will lead each of them to their roots and explore where they come from. On this journey, each of them not only find themselves, but also find love in different ways—a future husband, an additional family, and new friendships. In between, Riley tells also the story of a female ancestor of the protagonists books, which unfortunately for the sisters, they did not have a happy ending.

The book series name is inspired by the open star cluster located in the constellation of Taurus, which is the nearest cluster to earth, The Pleiades. The name comes from Ancient Greek, plein—to sail. The constellations are important to navigate on sea, which is a part of the books as well, because Pa Salt loved to be in the open water. In Greek Mythology, the Pleiades have been the seven companions of Artemis, Daughters of the Titan Atlas and Pleione. Because of their father’s faith and the loss of their brothers, the Hyas, the sisters committed suicide. Zeus took their remains and put them in the sky, but one sister, Merope, unfortunately disappeared from the night sky, because she is now not visible for the naked eye.

Before they became the star cluster they all had an important role in Greek mythology:

  • Maia—the eldest sister, was mother of Hermes by Zeus

  • Electra—mother of Dardanus and Iasion, by Zeus

  • Taygete—mother of Lacedaemon by Zeus

  • Alcyone—mother of Hyrieus, Hyperenor and Aethusa by Poseidon

  • Celaeno—mother of Lycus, Nycteus and Eurypylus by Poseidon and Lycus and Chimaereus by Prometheus

  • Sterope (Asterope)—mother of Oenomaus by Ares

  • Merope—the youngest sister, wooed by Orion. Other sources claim she was married to Sisyphus was mother of his children and became mortal.

The books see the sisters want love in their lives, but not in a traditional way. Riley’s goal is to show how women in the past had to be strong due to facing sexual and racial prejudices. Whereas women in the present have to be another kind of strong, to not be defined by clichés and be a modern woman who can follow her dreams. During her research, Riley travelled the world and explores the places she later wrote about.