• Alisha & Almaza

Will Coronavirus Change The Fashion World As We Knew It Pre-covid?

Can we really imagine a world where fashion is deemed unnecessary or tackless, given the harsh realities Covid-19 has forced our way?

As much as we probably find it hard to see the need for flashy glam designs - Designs that we would have traditionally welcomed with open arms at the start of each fashion season. However, The reality is that while we all sit back and watch in disbelief as the world begins to adjust to the new-normal. The fashion landscape has been subjected to similar reform-meets-crisis-management before. While we acknowledge that the 2008 recession and the 2020 Covid-19 crisis have entirely different harm potential. There are similiarities we can draw when it comes to the business side of it all. The hit of the 2008 recession had us questioning the survival of brands, logos and the need of unapologetic materialism. Now with the Coronavirus pandemic, we sense similar uncertainties as we hear about many fashion leaders around the world resetting the ways of working. Considering new routes, different channels, new muses and drawing fresh conclusions. This time around, we are a little more understanding that a pandemic doesn’t necessarily mean - doom & gloom. Its more about improvising, adjusting and evolving to the circumstances that surround us.

  1. Improvising the usual flashy, extra looks to more sophisticated laid back glam.

  2. Adjusting our perceptions of what is commercially desirable.

  3. Evolving our products to suit the need state of all style communities.

One thing is for sure - this is merely a fork in the road we are on.. we will see the days again where we can get all dressed up for a night out dancing. No doubt! Looking on 12 years since the 2008 reccession crisis - we were in a world were human content creation is part of daily and hourly outputs. A world were everyone has a right to do and be who they want to. A world were nothing can go undocumented. A world where our fresh faced Gen Z’s have come in with a whole new perspective on how and when they want to be acknowledge.

So, looking on from where this pandemic could take our pretty industry is exciting - is it not? How can we, knowing what we know now, sit back and want things to go back to normal? What was normal? Are we ok with normal? Have we honestly learn’t nothing in these last 12 years?

As Mr Darwin said, its about survival of the fittest. So lets adapt, lets embrace this new-world. Lets get excited about what’s to come and lets support this sentiment across industries.