• Alisha & Almaza

What is your HDS?

HDS = Home Decor Style.

Some questions to help you figure out your home aesthetic niche.

Ok so Almaza’s family are very well known in the home decor space, both in South Africa and New York. So inevitably as business partners and besties, who are both very similar in many ways - we have an extreme passion for home decor and (of course) shopping home decor.

Having learnt a lot about interior decorating over the years, through her family of experts, trials/learning, hunting high and low and really keeping an eye out for our ‘style’. We wanted to kick start your own self reflection on what is your home decor style?

Lets start by asking yourself these key questions:

1. What do I want my house to say about me?

2. How do I want my house to feel?

3. What colours do I have at the moment and what do they do the ambiance?

4. What colours do I need to bring the ambiance that I want?

Once you have identified your answers to the above, you can start looking at a few different websites and almost ‘window shop’. Save pictures of the items you really like in a folder.

Some sites to visit:

1. At Home

2. MRP Home

Then once that is done with key items and furniture. Now go onto a fabric store’s site and have a look at the different styles of fabrics - geometrics, to florals, to strips etc etc. Which are your top 3 fabrics?

3. Fabric Super Store

Now that you have that done, sit back and look at all your images. Identify what the similarities are in terms of the styling. Are there any specific themes you can draw from the items?

Does the theme you have derived bring you joy? Can you imagine it in your home? Does it add to what is missing?

Send us a message and let us know what your theme is? Perhaps it could spark an idea for the next part of this style story and we could help you pull this look together.

Lots of Love!