• Alisha & Almaza

WFH Desk Inspo

By now we are finding our feet in terms of the whole ‘working from home’ requirements. *Hands up those of you who have found a hidden sense of thrill with setting up your WFH space?*

It was inevitable.

What are those special items that keep your WFH space inspirational, motivating, easy and that ultimately keeps us going – instead of hibernating in front of Netflix (which by the way, has literally been the next best thing since sliced bread). *No I take that back.. I miss bread and the frequency in which I used to get it*

Regardless here are some of our favourite things to help you create a WFH space that keeps you going.

  1. First you will need to start with a clear space. A desk or table that you can use as a desk – but clear it out

  2. Make sure you have a comfortable chair, with back support. If not, then use a dining chair and a pillow

  3. Allow space for your computer/laptop

  4. 1-2 notebooks at most

  5. A pencil case, or a pen or two

  6. *notice how we love to keep things minimal and simple?*

  7. Ensure you position your WFH space near a window so you have some fresh air

  8. Allow for space near a plug point as well so you can charge your laptop and phone

  9. A vase with fresh greenery from your garden.. or the neighbors J

  10. Noise control headphones to totally zone out when needed.

  11. Lip balm

  12. Hand cream

  13. Face mist

  14. A water bottle

Happy working (from home) :)