• Alisha & Almaza


Because its never been more important than it is now to support local.

While we have global brands to inspire and collectively curb the way for fashion. What you take of it and what you make of it is really down to you personally and your very own style story. With Covid-19 impacting life as we knew it so significantly, we can’t shy away from the realities of our very own. Across categories and lifestyles of course! It’s therefore more important now than ever before, to be there for each other. To be ambassadors of our people, our brands, our businesses.

With ‘The Big Guys’ showing their emotional vulnerability’s to the repercussions of the pandemic - how are the small guys going to survive? The only way is to have the people of our country (our beautiful and loved country) to stand together and push through. While that applies to every facet of our lives, we are proposing a challenge that sits within a space we are familiar with. A challenge that can hopefully uplift and energize the love we share. So here it is:

Seeing as how our phone usage and social media engagement has skyrocketed as of recent times, we literally have the best platform at our figure tips to drive awareness and be proud of who we are. Post a pic of yourself or of any of your most loved SA made items and simply hashtag #WeWearSA

Maybe some brand will jump onto this opportunity and commit to donating unsold inventory and product to those who need it most.

Lets see if we can shine this spotlight on the South African fashion industry and show that we support and love our brands and are committed to rebuild our nation.

With love. Always.