• Alisha & Almaza

Weighted Blankets - The real benefits explained

Not sure if you are also being served ads for the (am-I-the-only-one-who-has-never-really-heard-about-this-before) weighted blanket?

So our daily performance in pretty much any task is dependent largely on the quality of sleep we had the night before. While we live the life we live with or without ‘good sleep’, we are still expected to operate. The reality is that no one really starts a greeting with ‘Hi, how did you sleep?’ (Unless of course you have just woken up)

So when the hype started circulating about weighted blankets, we figure there must be some science to it all. It got us wondering... Is it worth getting?

When looking at the general effects of a weighted blanket, it seems quite self explanatory. While its a simple concept, the apparent benefits of which are substantial to say the least. The fact is that having a weighted blanket embrace you while you rest, it immediately implies calmness and a feeling of safety - similar to that of a hug. The science behind it is that the light pressure these blankets provide stimulates nerve endings underneath the skin. Which then travel to the central nervous system, signaling that the body is safe and secure. Once the CNS gets that signal, it puts the ‘rest and digest’ system into gear - which then promotes all the good hormones (dopamine, serotonin, endorphins and oxytocin).

Thanks to these ‘hormones of happiness’, we see the following benefits unfold:

  1. Reduced Stress

  2. Reduced Anxiety

  3. Better Sleep Patterns

  4. Improved focus

Ultimately the weighted blanket is great to calm your mind and help your body rest better. Which sounds like a well worth investment to us.