• Alisha & Almaza

We totes got you!

Here’s a look at some of the most stylish totes for all your essentials.. and more (Of course!)

You know how the saying goes ‘a bag tells you a lot about a person’ ... no? They don’t say that? Really? Ok well, maybe not, but the truth is that as women (and some men) we have a collection of bags that serve different purposes and are used for different life journey’s. While the joys of having a chic, statement mini bag is right up there, the truth is that its not the most versatile of companions when it comes to day-to-day needs. So we divert to the universally accepted ‘tote bag’. However its not as straight forward as I’m making it sound. There’s so much to consider:

1. Which brand?

2. Colour?

3. Size ratio?

4. Fabrication?

The truth is that there is SO much to consider when investing in a luxury tote bag. So in an effort to do the humble tote justice, we decided to do some research into which totes are most desirable and obviously per catagory:


1. Classic

2. Holiday

3. Colourful

Classic Totes

The obvious first is the LV.. these seem to be roaming the regular shopping malls like its totally part of the furniture. While we love these LV Neverfull totes for the fact that they are versatile, agile, classic in every sense of a ‘tote’. The question nowadays is which variant is your preference? However personally, I think the limited editions that LV come out with seasonally are the best.

Saint Laurent is one of my most favourite brands - it’s sophisticated and elegant. Their famous shopping bag is minimal and chic - therefore wont really ever date. So in our opinion - well worth the investment.

Holiday Totes

Marc Jacobs have a very cute traveler tote, in their signature branding with their modern and structured appeal - definitely one of our more affordable favourites.

Ahhh Christian Dior - this tote is so beautiful and seems totally practical when heading off with the family on a (local - yes thanks covid!) holiday - its large enough to hold all essentials and is just so darn stylish we have nothing more to say. (Also they have the cutest variants!!!)

Colourful Totes

Dolce & Gabbana have always played on the fun side and their totes are beautiful with the use of florals and colour - the D&G tote is a must on this list.