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WATCH : The Magic of technology

Our Dearest friend was due to get married this last week and due to Covid, has had to postpone their dream wedding. Brace yourself! I had tears in my eyes watching this amazing tribute! (Keep reading...)

Gaby and Kyle have been dating for over 3 years, having met as kids and many years later kindled this amazing love they share. Gaby Trathen runs a phenomenal beauty salon called Bloom & Blush, while Kyle Hyam is MD at New Vantage Properties. When he whisked her away on the Blue Train for her Birthday last year, we had a sneaky suspicion that this could be ‘the trip’. Of course it was and that was the beginning of Gaby and Kyle’s #ItsAboutHyam!

Sadly with Covid, we have seen so many special occasions having zoom-style lockdown celebrations. Although for Gaby & Kyle, their amazing family and friends joined in to create this beautiful virtual party to showcase their love for the beautiful couple and their excitement for when they will finally have the opportunity to get together to celebrate this Wedding.

“We are obviously so thrilled with this.. beyond thrilled! In actual fact, good thing the wedding is postponed.. now we have this beautiful video! Jokes aside, it really did bring tears of joy and happiness for everyone involved during lockdown” says Gaby.

Love you Gabs!