• Alisha & Almaza

Wardrobe Essentials For That Level 1 Life.

Get yourself out of that ‘lockdown’ rut!

Whether you are #WFH for the remainder of the year, or having to get back to the office. The reality is that after the long hiatus that 202 has thrown our way, our constant rotation of lounge wear meets active wear has now gotta take a slight evolution into bizniz casual. A fine line between leggings with block heels vs leggings with sneakers.

So here is your quick tips guide to make that transition back to 9-5 a little easier.

  1. Keep it simple (but smart)

  2. A Mixture of cool, lightweight materials. As we ease into Spring/Summer

  3. Consider some easy-to-wear dresses & relaxed fit clothing.

  4. Blazers - a-must for unexpected client meetings.

  5. Its all in the detail so dont forget those accessories.