• Alisha & Almaza

Time to transform your bathroom into a spa

Aren’t these the magic words we all want to hear in our new #LifewithCovid ?

*Breathe Deep... exhale*

The truth is that after a day or 65 days to be exact of working from home and dealing with the lack of socialization, sitting at your #WFH desk, organizing and re-organizing all your cupboards and drawers.... we can’t help but dream of those wonderful, idyllic spas that used to make us feel like we were royalty. However now, with Covid (and all that jazz).. who knows when we will be able to experience a real-life spa again?

So we looked to the brand that speaks in a language called ‘luxury’ to see if they had any products that could transcend us into a spa in the comfort of our own homes (of course!).

Here it is ladies! Three phenomenal products that will transform your bathroom experience into a luxury spa:

1. Take a comforting shower

2. Use SUBLIMAGE LES GRAINS DE VANILLE scrub to relax and smooth the skin of your face.

3. Then, take care of it with HYDRA BEAUTY CAMELLIA REPAIR MASK: a creamy formula that brings comfort and intensely soothes.

4. Envelop and body in a delicious cocoon with L’HUILE VANILLE