• Alisha & Almaza

The Golden Rule

How to layer your necklaces and elevate any look.

I’m not sure about you guys, but do you ever notice how some people just look so put together by adding jewellery that we have HOARDS off at home, yet simply ‘forget to wear them’? Also, does it ever surprise you how some can take a dainty necklace and pair it with a choker and a longer piece and a pendant piece and look like it was all part of a pack?

Well don‘t worry, we’ve broken down the Golden Rule.

The trick is to start with a statement piece (usually the shortest piece) and work from there. Add piece by piece until you have a beautifully styled collective. Remember that the mid-longer length necklaces go best with a low neckline or a simple Tee. If ever in doubt and find yourself adding endlessly - Stop - just stick with two pieces.