• Alisha & Almaza

The Fashion Secret.

We know you know we know you wanna know the #fashionsecret most editors and stylists know.

So here it is.

Cost.Per.Wear! If you remember these words you will be infiltrating the ultimate fashion secret before you know it. What it comes down to is a major reality check. It’s not about having the dream closet like the Kardashians, or paying ridiculous amounts on individual items that you may only wear a hand full of times. It’s about the cost per wear. What this

means is that if you know that you will be getting enough use out of any particular potential purchase, then yes its worth the buy. BUT if you know that you may only get away with wearing a high-ticket item a few times, then its not worth it. This method of thinking means you shop less, but shop smart! Once you have this system down, your entire wardrobe will be filled of high-quality items that can be worn in multiple ways and can be paired with so many combinations.

Thereby making this the fashion secret that all stylish women know.

You’re welcome.