• Alisha & Almaza

The Bend & Snap is Comin’ Back!

If this heading does not ring any bells then you should probably keep scrolling.

Ok Legally Blonde fans - It’s official - Legally Blonde is returning for the third installment in the rom com franchise. Reese Witherspoon will return as the iconic Elle Woods, however one change in the production team : Mindy Kaling has signed on as co-writer on the script. Which we are thrilled about!

What else can we confirm?

  1. The original producers are back.

  2. No official release date has been set (covid delays), but it was scheduled for 2020. At worst case, we can assume early to mid 2021

  3. Jennifer Coolidge is happy to return as Paulette.

  4. Luke Wilson is also thrilled to get involved.

  5. We are sure to see this installment with loads of awesome feminist ideas.