• Alisha & Almaza

Tarina Patel on #LockdownLearnings

If you know anything about Tarina Patel, its probably her star style or bollywood beauty! However when we approached Tarina to discuss some of her #LockdownLearnings , we felt really inspired to share her views about the strength and love she feels for South Africa, our communities and our people.

Tarina is a well known actress, model and film producer. She is the only South African (despite SA having the second largest Indian population outside of India) who has had phenomenal success in Bollywood (having starred in numerous films). Locally Tarina has been a fan favourite in many soapies, reality shows and has often graced the cover of the largest publications in the country. On the glam scale, Tarina is right up there - for sure! However when sitting at home... during lockdown, one has to wonder what inspires others, to keep moving forward.

Tarina has said that the lockdown has served to reinforce what she already knew about herself which is that she is unwaveringly optimistic and is always able to find the silver lining no matter what. “We have been forced to go back to basics which has reminded me to be happy with what I have all while the planet and nature gets to recharge and people at large get a sense of what is really important”. As most of us have felt, the importance of family is paramount in times like these and Tarina agrees. She has said that this lockdown has reinforced how kind, compassionate and loving her family is and how lucky she is to have them in her life.

To us, being South African means being resilient, being determined and not giving up no matter what. In times like these we need each other more than ever! “I am amazed at how our community is rallying together and becoming even more united and supportive, which proves as a humanity we do what it takes when the time comes to gather together and support one another.”

What we really loved about this interview with Tarina is that she is so down to earth and easy to relate to. She has a wonderful sense of calm and positivity that we could all use in this trying time. With this, we would like to end with this quote from her, “Nothing that we do is that important because regardless of who we are or what we do, the sun will still rise and the moon will still come out at night and life as we know it will still resume to be.”