• Alisha & Almaza

Style it.. like its the 90’s

Some of the worlds most relevant ‘it girls’, 90’s fashion is never going out of style.

While Bella Hadid, Kaia Gerber and Emily Ratajkowski are modern day girls, their style is collectively proving to be iconic... in a very 90’s way. From crop tops and vests to cardigans, denim and more denim - if you have a love for this style - these are key components to bring it together.

Once lockdown is over and we hopfully head back to work - statement suits, silky coords, slip dresses paired with oversized blazers and even some plaid - will take you deep into a feel-good-90’s-sitcom look.

Style Tip? Take a look in your moms closet... head right to the back and you may find a couple pieces that could be recycled. Look for shoulder pads, patters and colour.