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Racks & Rails Rendezvous

With Zaida Omar

Lets break down this style story

  • What is the last thing you googled? I wanted the movie Marie Antoinette the other day and I wanted to know more about her so I googled her. 

  • Favourite fragrance? Has to be Chance by Chanel (Eau de fraiche). It’s light and airy for the daytime but still so intense. Reminds me of myself 

  • One thing you are obsessing about right now? Weirdly, it’s Kundalini yoga. I was introduced to it at a fitness event and have been practicing it everyday since being under lockdown. It has helped me calm my mind, allowed my digestive system to work optimally and is great for muscle building.

  • beauty products you can’t live without? Foundation to even out my skin, concealer to hide any blemishes, Makeup sponge because of its versatility (if I only had one tool, this would be it), mascara to open my eyes and Lip balm to make my lips soft and supple. 

  • Favourite style tip? Always carry a jacket. It will elevate your look in and instant… and keep you warm!

Finish the sentence: “to have style is to….” - … be in tune with oneself. Until you really know yourself, you wont know your personal style. 

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