• Alisha & Almaza

Purple Shampoo.. boop boopie doo!

That’s exactly how this product makes us feel.. it brings out our inner betty boop (boop boopie doo)

If you have not heard of or tried this series of purple shampoos now available at your nearest clicks, dischem or similar - you are welcome in advance.

Now with us not being able (which btw really sucks more than we can put into non-offensive words) to go to our loved salons for a tone or colour check. We have to now get used to fixing our own hair problems - alone.

The science behind one of our biggest problems is that with every passing day, the colour in our hair oxidizes which results in the grassiness and orange tones we end up getting.

*So wash your hair less!* I hear you say. Well no, that wont fix the problem. What will fix the problem is purple shampoo (boop, boopie doo). Thankfully brands have noticed the dire need for tone correcting at-home products. Why purple you ask? Being a cool shade on the colour spectrum, violet pigments work to neutralize unwanted yellow shades and add much-needed coolness to the colour of your hair.

While purple has been the go-to shampoo for many blonde to platinum looks. Its proven to be a great fix for cool brunettes, rave—haired and even those you have gone gray.

Trust us - Try it out!