• Alisha & Almaza

Our Netflix Binge Watch RN

Hollywood’ on Netflix has the fashion fix you know you need.

Ryan Murphy’s latest Netflix series - Hollywood is exactly what we needed this quarantine. Taking us back to old Hollywood, post world-war II era, the series zones in on the impeccable glamour of that era. An escape very welcome given the current crisis and global situation. We are undoubtedly craving the glam that we are used to being exposed to. Even our favourite celebs are showing us their best loungewear and casool collections as we all quarantine. So having this series take us into a world where men are properly suited up and women are effortlessly glamorous together with a plot that’s exciting and fast moving - keeps one such viewer on a long-desired binge watch (*raises hand*).

With the first season taking us on a journey of a group of individuals trying to make it in post-war Hollywood. The themes that are portrayed are incredibly relevant in life today. From women-in-positions-of-power to opening up about sexuality to racial discrimination.

Without saying too much and for those of you who haven’t watched it.. Do yourself a favour - Its worth it if for nothing else than to fill that fashion void.