• Alisha & Almaza

Our Favourite Shelfie-Worthy Skincare Brand

Launching in Jan 2021, Smooch Skincare has WOW’ed us with their product range of skincare serums that (wait for it).... Works like Magic.

To refine a phrase from the late Benjamin Franklin, there are but three things in life that are certain : death, taxes and like clockwork, New Years Resolutions. If you (like the rest of us) are counting down to wish the notorious 2020 goodbye and are eager to set your resolutions – we salute you. If they have anything to do with skincare, you’ll be happy to know that is a new brand in town that will make self-care that much easier. Starting now Smooch Skincare offers an affordable triad of #shelfieworthy serums that bring the dewy-youthful-glow to the masses. .

The Millennial-targeted range boasts skincare solutions like the intensive hydrating serum (H2)OH MY!, Brightening and Whitening serum Honeymoon Glow and the ultimate anti-aging serum Forever Young. As well as having product names that will catch the eyes of the young savvy consumers who prioritize self-care, the packaging of the products stand out for their approach to whimsical colour.

We love the cute sub brand names for each product, like,, Honeymoon Glow (No wedding required). This is a brand that is cute, fun, cruelty-free, natural and most importantly WORKS Wonders.

The millennial skincare catagory is undoubtedly having its moment. Once being a genre that was being offered simple cleanse, tone and moisturize solutions are now being introduced to the trend to talk anti-aging to those who are yet to see the sag.

Consider the generation that sparked the self-care movement, many pride themselves on having elaborate skincare rituals.The ultimate goal of being a shelfie-worthy brand is providing glow-y, instagram-worthy dreamy skincare that is loved and relevant.

Follow the brand here @smooch.skincare

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