• Alisha & Almaza

Online learning : Up-skill yourself during Quarantine!

From free Harvard courses to mastering a new language.. The ‘house’ is your oyster right now!

So as we know the realities of us getting back to brunch dates, shopping saturdays, dinners and lazy beach days are on hold for the foreseeable at least. Dont worry, Netflix isn’t going anywhere.. and until you find your next binge watch. TRY THIS! Up-skill yourself! Why not, right?

Who knows, perhaps you could find your next calling. Your next ‘big thing’, your next passion. So I’ve been looking into various apps and courses and found these phenomenal options for anyone needing more.

1. Free Harvard Courses

Harvard University is offering 67 courses for free during the pandemic. From Gaming and software development to Religious literacy and Archaeology - surely there is some-FREE-course that you would like to do to claim ‘Harvard grad’ as one of your accomplishments from quarantine?

Click here to have a look and please let us know which one you choose and of course when you graduate :)

2. Learn a new language

Having taken French in school and still only being able to say basic phrases and words - I am currently obsessed with becoming more fluent. There are some great apps that are helping me and offer a simple easy-to-learn methods to grasp any language. So dont stop at ‘bonjour’.. continue and perhaps one day we can have a very French chat.

Duolingo or Babbel are both great places to start - so check them out and see which teaching style suits you more.

*Tip: Try watching some Netflix shows of the language you are taking on to help with the learning*

Tell us what you’ve been up to... what’s your new skill?