• Alisha & Almaza

Note for the guys: Handbags are a good investment!

Believe it or not!

The next time you hear “you don’t need that” or “you have one already”, just share this and tag the other end of these comments. The truth is that designer handbags are more than just another purse.. they are the number one collectible item in 2019. Which makes them a worthy investment, surely!

Based on a report published by real-estate brokerage Knight Frank, handbags are out ranking art, stamps and even rare whiskey in the collectible space. While art showed an ROI of approximately 5% last year, handbags brought in a 13% gain, following which was stamps at 6%. The reality is that nowadays online shopping has allowed for greater shopping experiences - thereby fueling the obsession (or so its called!)

Now the next time you walk around Sandton and notice all those LV’s -

just think I-N-V-E-S-T-M-E-N-T .