• Alisha & Almaza

Most Iconic “Bag” Stories

Here’s a ‘Once upon a time’ you will enjoy.


In the 70’s, without knowing about it - the beautiful Jacqueline Kennedy was building a name for herself as style icon. Gucci named her favourite shoulder bag after her. This classic bag made its comeback in SS20 fashion collections - The Jackie


Prada’s most loved nylon shoulder bag graced our world in the 90’s - is their biggest seller. Its minimalist appeal is loved for its classic simplicity. However did you know that Prada have never showcased this bag on the runway until 2018?


The iconic ICONIC iconic Birkin is named after the actress Jane Birkin. Did you know that? The story goes that the Hermès CEO (Jean-Louis Dumas) bumped into the iconic actress Jane Birkin on a flight in 1983. Some potential sparks flew when Jane dumped all the contents out of her then bag with added complaints of not being able to find a good enough ‘carry-all’. At which point, Jean-Louis Dumas vowed to create a bag just for her.

Enter ‘The Birkin’ - which can retail for over $150,000 USD