• Alisha & Almaza

Maskne much?

Wearing masks to protect ourselves from Covid-19 is causing the undesired Maskne (Mask x Acne). So we did a little research into what causes it and how to deal with it. *quick and easy read - you’re welcome*

This is especially important as we get used to the new-normal and the fact that face masks are what we have to start including as an essential part of our daily attire. Aside from the fact that its generally harder to breathe with them on, but now the realities of the impact on the health of your skin are starting to appear. *Hands up if you have already googled the cause of the breakouts or called your derm for an appointment as of recent*

Lets look at the WHY.

Breakouts happen because of the build-up of sweat, oils and make up that is/was on your skin. Adding the masks just amplifies the build-up till they ultimately become blockages.

Aaaand it doesn’t stop there. The mere breathing into the masks causes humidity which then just accelerates the entire situation - causing what we now know as Maskne.

8 tips for using face masks and dealing with Maskne:

  1. If you use disposable masks, then do not re-use them. Dispose after use for the most hygienic outcome.

  2. It is recommended by dermatologists that you increase the frequency of exfoliating to once a day.

  3. If you wear a cloth mask, ensure you wash it frequently. Especially after that run or walk around the neighborhood.

  4. Wash your face before and after wearing a mask.

  5. Try to use a gentle cleanser that is free of harsh sulfates, to keep your protective oils intact.

  6. Avoid using any abrasive face scrubs or loofahs.

  7. Wait approximately 15min after washing your face and applying your skincare, before using a face mask.

  8. Avoid using make up as much as possible. Eye make up is still very much encouraged :)