• Alisha & Almaza

Style in a time of crisis!

Looking back at some of the most iconic developments in fashion history, one stand out story sits with one of the most incredible luxury brands of all time. Hermès was founded in 1837 and faced some, what seems like common today, struggles during the World War II. However back before WWII, they used to ship out products in beige boxes. With the many sacrifices that the war brought, it only left a bright orange paper material for the brands usage. From that moment on, ladies (& gentlemen), the signature orange brand identity was born.

It has been trademarked and today that orange hue represents the core of the Hermès brand.

Fast forward many years and we are what has been perceived as facing a World War 3, with Covid 19 pushing us and our economy into a global crisis. We can’t help but wonder... what’s the stories that the next generation will be able to tell about iconic developments from our time? I put it to you to take a chance and open your mind. Who knows what you will come up with. 

It’s time. 


Racks & Rails


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