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Love Thy Self.

While the 1st of Jan is often filled with promises of self-care, you have to admit that as time goes on, its easy to forget those promises while we push through 10000 daily tasks and reminders of all the things we have to do for others. Am I right? As such we get reminded of these priorities at key times and celebrations during the year (for example, Mother’s Day). So we wanted to take a look at some tips on nurturing ourselves with the love we deserve. Its about doing small things, with great love.

Also, side-note : self-love shouldn’t only be reserved for Sunday.

Here are some of our favourite self-love tips:

1. Enjoy your own company. Laugh (at yourself), be at peace (being alone).

2. Forgive yourself. We all make stupid mistakes, just learn to forgive yourself and find peace in knowing ‘you have learnt from it, you are better off for it’.

3. Surprise yourself. BY accepting an offer to something that you wouldn’t have ordinarily agreed to - Its about stepping outside your comfort zone. Which leads directly into what may seem like a contradictory number 4.

4. Learn to say no. This is more about not putting yourself last as often as you do. Afterall, life is too short to be in a situation that has you doing things you don’t really want to be doing, probably as often as you are doing them.

5. Take Care of Yourself. This is our favourite. We are all about the special mid-week treats to the spa, or salon.. just spoil yourself - get your facemask on.. try a hair mask.. lay in the sun with a good book. Just do you.

We also spoke to lifestyle blogger Aneeqah Fataar about her self-love tips, here are some of her favourite self-love activities during lockdown:

1. Work-out. I try to work out everyday, I like to keep myself busy and I try to eat healthy as much as possible.

2. Set Goals. Use this time to set your goals, get to know yourself and consider it a time to redo things and start doing better.

3. Self Love. I believe that while I can’t change what is happening around me, I can change how I want to live my life after lockdown. For me, its about making sure I have my me-time. Shower yourself with love, just make sure you take care of you first.

If nothing else from this article, just remember...


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