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Lockdown Graduation? Here are some pointers from Didie Makobane

As we head into what would have been an iconic moment in many students lives, we find ourselves looking for ways to keep the youth of today excited and motivated as they see the word ‘cancelled’ slapped over their would-be graduation date. Looking back at one of our favourite quotes, by the woman who speaks all levels of delight, Oprah Winfrey, “the biggest adventure you can take, is to live the life of your dreams.” We decided to speak to someone who is extremely passionate and dedicated to uplift and inspire young South Africa to be the best they can be and to do nothing short than to reach for their dreams.

We spoke with actress and motivational speaker Didie Makobane, regarding her views on the current situation the youth are facing amidst Covid-19, the impact they are facing as graduates or soon-to-be graduates as we head into what would have been graduation season.

Here are some of her key messages to anyone in this situation:

1. Sad as it may be, a graduation ceremony is a single aspect of your hard work and achievement. Not being able to celebrate the fruits of your labour, doesn’t determine whether one will succeed in future or not. You are a graduate either way. Pat yourself on the shoulder.

2. This worldwide pandemic has affected people, business and operations that have been around for a long time and took years to develop. Despondent as you may feel, remember that it’s not about how many times you fall, but how many times you chose to get up and fight back. This is the time to start working towards your plan after graduation and keep going. After all, the graduation ceremony is short lived, but your attitude towards succeeding in life is what will make the actual difference.

3. Celebrate the small victories. In the real world, it’s not often that your efforts will be acknowledged, that you’ll get a gold start every time you reach a milestone and more so in the beginning stages. Take this as the first lesson to keep moving & to remain self motivated regardless of external circumstances.

4. Nothing happens by accident or coincidence. You are exactly where are meant to be. Whatever challenges you are facing right now are equipping you for a greater version of yourself. Trust the process.

5. Well Done! You’ve made it this far! You are a graduate!!! The world is oyster, create the life that you desire & the universe will conspire in you favour.