• Alisha & Almaza

JUST IN: Skin care’s new ‘Holy Grail’ ingredient

As we all are sitting at home.. staring at nothing but ourselves. We can’t help but wonder - ‘Gosh, I’m aging!‘

So as any normal and (always crazy) person would do, we start to ravage through our draws and unpack all our once committed to and once (or twice) sold on products that just seem to find its way to the back of the draw.

*Disclaimer: please ensure you are not using products that are years old! It’s probably not still considered ‘ok to use’. *

So, once you realize that you don’t have anything that will do the trick anymore, we turn to the digital world and try to decipher our skin type, one brand from another, the ‘best’ on the market, the most cost effective and the undeniable question that constantly roams our minds : “Does price indicate the quality of the outcome?”

But wait, now you stumble across this little gem of an article and you discover that in actual fact there is a new ‘secret recipe’ being concocted. Here it is ladies (and gentlemen), the new ingrediant that will soon dominate all skincare marketing messaging : Polyglutamic acid.

This ‘buzz word’ new ingredient is threatening to override hyaluronic acid from this top spot in hydrating skincare. Derived from soybeans, PA miraculously 4 times more hydrating than its predecessor and has the ability to form a water locking film over the skin. Therefore leaving your complexion hydrated, improve elasticity and reduce fine lines.

Well if anyone has ever asked me about the best thing since sliced bread, this definitely give me all sorts of exciting tingles.

So before you purchase your next skincare product, be sure to ask yourself - how quickly do I want to prevent further aging (skincare related of course).

Love always,