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Its All About The Magic Carpet.

This #StyleStory is being written as my kids are watching Aladdin (for the 50-thousand-th) time this lockdown. So fitting don’t you think?

Lets get into it!

A stylish home is something we absolutely love, not because we do it for anyone else, but because we do it for the pure joy it brings us personally, especially now when we are working from home.

One of the key items to making your house a home and adding that touch of style and class is the investment in a beautiful rug or rugs. We caught up with our friend Emma Burton, co-owner at Voke Rugs, for some more information and tips and tricks we thought would be helpful to you, our readers.

Tell us a little bit about Voke Rugs.

Voke Rugs was established in 2015, we are Durban based and supply a range of high-end, handmade rugs to both the trade market consisting of interior designers, architects, design firms etc as well as the end “retail” Client. We are soon going to be launching our e-commerce site making our rugs more accessible to the end user. We design all of our own rugs locally, and then use the best hands in the world to bring our designs to life. We have a broad range from a design pint of view, and from the pricing side… and all of our rugs are held in stock in SA in a variety of standard sizes.

What is the best way to find or choose the perfect rug?

The best way to choose the right rug is 1) to determine what size is required? 2) Next you need to look at the application of the rug which will determine the best suited composition. I.e. is the rug for a living area that will have kids playing and dogs roaming all day? Is it for the corporate man’s new stay-at-home-office? Or is it possible for a foyer of a hotel? 3) this will narrow down your compositions and you can then look at colours / patterns etc.

How easy is it to clean Voke rugs and how often should you clean them?

We supply maintenance advise with all purchases together with your cleaning instructions. The cleanability is very much dependent on what the rug is made from and what is needed to be cleaned. We have a range of “Outdoor” rugs that can be literally be sprayed down with soapy water for cleaning but obviously a hand woven woolen rug won’t do as well with a red wine spill on it, so very much dependent on fibers and spills. With some rugs you want to avoid a daily vacuum as this can create pulls or loosen the weave – each rug needs to be considered carefully.

Are Voke Rugs made in South Africa or are they imported?

All our rugs are designed locally and imported from India.

Do you make Bespoke Rugs according to client requirements?

We can make bespoke rugs according to our Client’s requirements. We can either tweak sizing or colours to our standard range of rugs or we can design something for you from a picture or brief.

Why should someone by a rug or rugs for their home?

We like to think of a rug as a piece of art for your floor. It can completely change an area, it is the easiest way to freshen up an area and also makes any space feel a lot more cosy with a layered/textured look on the floor. It can also make a space feel a lot bigger by drawing out the eye with it’s four corners… It creates a softness under foot too, particularly in a living or dining area with a hard flooring. Another reason to invest in an outdoor rug is to bring the indoors out – in SA we all spend a lot of time in the outdoors and it’s a great way to style up a patio or verandah.

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