• Alisha & Almaza

Interior 101 : Making your bedroom your sanctuary!

Why? Because we all deserve to be able to have a comfy retreat that we can escape to (at least while we can’t really escape anywhere else at the moment). Here are a couple tips on how to get your bedroom into your zen room!

1. Colour starts here

Firstly, have a look around and identify what colour pallet you want to work with. Are you more neutrals or deep blues or pastel pinks or calming white? Whatever your options are, before you make any definite decisions on this first point. Be sure to check out this site for how these colour choices impact the vibe of your bedroom. It’s no joke, there’s total science behind it - have a look! (TIP: Try to keep your larger items like your headboard in a neutral shade, so you can mix and match colour in other accessories).

2. Cushions Count

Ok ok, pillow talk is one thing but whatever you do, do not let anyone tell you not to have too many cushions on your bed. These simple aesthetics along with throws can elevate your look with minimal effort. It also works with various seasons, so change up fabrication from fur and velvet in Winter to breezy linen and cotton in Summer.

3. Bare it all!

Well, quite the opposite actually! Bare walls = Boring! Look around, measure up and make it meaningful. That’s our motto for wall decor. The last thing you want is some cheesy, irrelevant art up in your zen space. So be considered! Think about the space you have, and what could work. Is it wooden wall art? Or framed art or pictures? A mirror perhaps? Fabric wall hangings are also great to make the space feel more cozy. My only ask is that you consider the frame you use, consider the colour, the texture and the size.

4. Light it up!

Someone once told me that lighting is the jewellery of the room. This is your chance to bring the desired ambience to your personal space. Ever heard of mood lighting? It’s not just a phrase.. its extremely important. So ensure you have a bedside lamp, possibly a standing lamp in a darker corner (preferably with adjustable lighting), or perhaps a side table with a beautiful lamp and book.