• Alisha & Almaza

In with the Old - Big brands advocating vintage fashion

We are loving this latest campaign by Miu Miu where they encourage re-wearing old fashion pieces through their #MiuMe campaign.

Italian fashion brand - Miu Miu is getting our attention. As we sit back and watch the new world unfold. We have to admire those who take the step down a slightly different road in an attempt to drive more interest and engagement in a time of such uncertainty.

Especially considering the time we have just had in quarantine - we have had a good opportunity to re-evaluate our wardrobes and ultimately rediscover some old gems. Miu Miu launched a campaign on instagram calling on its fans to capture and express themselves through old and new brand pieces. Its a great example of how the fashion industry is innovating amidst the pandemic - proving yet again that the only constant - is in fact change.