• Almaza & Alisha

How to set the perfect table

Making your dinner table look beautiful is something that just makes your experience of sitting down and eating so much more special.

You may think that table setting is out of your realm and only for the experts but it really is not. I grew up with a grandmother who wrote a book on table setting and etiquette and it has thus been engrained into my brain! That being said I still don't think I am as good at it as my gran or mom (I constantly have them in my head saying "No, move that away there", or "That is just not working, try again" etc.) but I've realised that the more I practice, the better I get at it.

A beautiful table setting is not just about adding class and style to what you do but more importantly it is about enjoying it and feeling proud of what you have achieved. When you are tackling how to set your table for a dinner or do a party set up there are some tricks to consider. Firstly make sure that you have a theme and colour scheme so that whatever you include speaks to the same look and feel. What is also so important is to decide on a focal centre piece, whether it be flowers, a cake or something else and then make sure that when you look at the table, that focal point is what stands out and what you see first. Everything else should not detract from it but rather work with it in making your table look fabulous. Another important trick is to make sure that there is balance on your table, so it shouldn't look like you have put most of the things on one side of the table and the other side doesn't have much to balance that. For this, go with your gut, and again this is something you will get better at over time.

Inspiration for your table setting is so easy these days because you can just google ideas and then put them to action, but always make sure you add your personal touch. Everything you do should always speak to who you are and what you love!