• Almaza & Alisha

How to reorganise your kitchen

A lot of us have been guilty of buying new kitchen utensils that we don't necessarily need or that we are buying to replace an old one which we evidently don't end up giving away. Here are some easy steps of how and what to do to re organise your kitchen.

We are definitely the OCD type and because of that we simply cannot function in chaos. A chaotic kitchen makes our heads spin as we don't know where to look or where to find anything and makes the task of cooking that much more frustrating. If you follow these easy steps you can get your kitchen organised in no time.

1. To start the process you must be willing to take at least a few hours to go through everything in your kitchen in order to work out what you want to keep and what you could give away or throw out if it is broken or can't be repaired.

2. Group all the same things together in sections - this way you can quickly see if you for instance have 5 pairs of scissors. Then ask yourself the question, do you really need so many? I always say what's the point in having something you don't need when there is someone else out there who may need it that you could donate it. Win win right?

3. Look at the layout of your kitchen and make sure that the way you have packed your kitchen is practical and makes sense. For example, make sure the kitchen utensils you will be cooking with all the time are close to where the stove and oven are so that they are easy to just grab when you need them. Put things like baking machines which you may not use as often in less accessible spaces as you won't be using them all the time or vice versa.

4. Plan your kitchen layout according to your own needs so for example if you love to bake then make sure you have a dedicated "baking section" where you can put all your baking things so that they are easy to find.

5. When packing your cupboards make sure that you pack them in the groupings you have made in step 2 and you can pack them with similar items so for instance all pots together with strainers, steamer baskets etc.

6. When packing make sure you pack things in straight lines and to pack similar shapes of things on top of each other. This is the best trick for making all your kitchen cupboards looking neat and organised.

Once done it will honestly make your life so much easier and you will start to enjoy cooking more because everything is organised and easy to find. As we always say, we are not OCD for nothing, the OCD helps us to organise our lives as working moms so that we can do things at the speed of light when we need to.