• Almaza & Alisha

How to make your wardrobe seem never ending

People have often asked me how many clothes I have but quite honestly I really don't have that many clothes. I have learnt how to mix and match my clothing really well and this is the magic trick to making your wardrobe seem never ending.

Here are my simple style tips to consider when you are deciding what to wear.

  1. By wearing different shoes, bags and accessories you can make an outfit look completely different for example you can wear the same black top and same jeans every week but by styling it differently with different colour belts, bags, shoes, and jewellery it can look completely different. You can also play around by tucking your top in sometimes and other times leaving it loose.

  2. Another simple way to make this outfit look different is by sometimes wearing a jacket or coat if it's winter, in order to pull together a different look altogether.

  3. The trick is not to wear the same combination of outfit in consecutive weeks but rather to only wear the exact same combination once a month.

  4. Follow people who inspire your fashion taste and use them as inspiration to push yourself out of your comfort zone and try something different so for example I am usually someone who wears heels every day but because of the lockdown and working from home I have had to push my style boundaries to include sneakers but in a way that makes me feel confident and true to my own style. By doing this I have been able to create even more new outfits but with the exact same wardrobe as before lockdown.

Making your wardrobe work for you especially when we may have to cut back on spending, really helps to keep you inspired and feeling good about yourself. Dressing up and looking good is not about impressing others, its about you feeling confident in your own! The one thing that always sticks in my mind is my mom saying to me "It doesn't matter where you are in the world (including Viljoenskroon - a tiny town where my parents live and where I grew up) , dressing up is for you and not for anyone else!"