• Almaza & Alisha

How to make your blooms last longer

Receiving a bunch of fresh blooms is just the greatest feeling ever but ensuring they last as long as possible is another story.

Keeping your blooms looking beautiful for as long as possible can be a challenge but if you try these simple tricks you're bound to see them lasting longer.

  1. Make sure you always cut the stems at an angle about 3 cm from the bottom

  2. Next pour the water into the vase - make sure the water does not fill up the vase completely - it should only be about half way or a bit less depending on the blooms you have

  3. Add a tray of ice blocks to the water - this is something my mom in law taught me and always works like a dream

  4. Add a cap of Jik in the water - sounds crazy but if you don't get flower food with your blooms then this is really something that works and was also a trick my mom in law taught me

  5. Always cut off the pollen if you have blooms that have pollen

  6. As time goes on, make sure you remove dead blooms, cut the remaining blooms at the bottom of the stem again and put in fresh water

These are simple but really reliable tips that work in making sure your blooms last as long as possible!