• Alisha & Almaza

How to look better on your video calls in 3 seconds.

These tips for your #WFH meetings that defy the webcam’s resolution.

Small screens and questionable WiFi often means that you can get away with singular make-up outputs for maximum make-up effects. Don’t be horrified the next time you ‘enter’ a virtual room and see the face that you are exposing is not what you thought you had seen 5min before in the mirror. Its a harsh reality check for sure!

The good news is that you aren’t expected to over-do your daily make up for your #WFH look. No one is expecting any red carpet glam - however in saying so its still important to do the little things that make us feel good during these difficult times. So we decided to provide 3 very simple tips on how to ensure you look as good as you feel in some very simple mandatories:

1. Brows

Your brows frame your face, so make sure you groom them and shape them.

2. Bold Lip

A bright and bold lip makes you pop and definitely seem more wake and vibrant.

3. Liner

Definitely trying some bold liner looks enhance your overall look. Sometimes all you have to do is wing-it.

Last note on this : bring out your best features first.