• Alisha & Almaza

How To Find Your Style?

More often these days, people are asking ‘how do you know what your style is’?

Truthfully, this question can be a lot more complicated if your first instinct when buying items is “Its cool, i like it”. Such a general acceptable understanding of purchasing behaviour right?

If you find yourself struggling to make your closet work for you, or have your clothes represent exactly who you are - then you need to find your personal style.

Take a look at your closet, is it full of ‘cool, i like it’ items - is it a combination of piece-meal items that you have without an actual plan? This could be daunting most mornings when trying to put a look together. So here are some tips to help you identify exactly what your personal style is and how you can maintain and manage your wardrobe better.

  1. Document your outfits - what do you have? How do you style them? Are there any consistencies?

  2. Identify a colour scheme - Max 5 colours - build a basis to work off and compliment with added items seasonally.

  3. Assess your current wardrobe - What suits your personality? What suits your body?

  4. Identify your body style - Longer legs? Shorter Torso? Vice Versa? Broad shoulders? Hips? Booty?

  5. What is your preferred comfort level and daily activities? Heels vs flats vs loose vs structured vs soft vs flows vs short vs long. You get the picture.

Its time to be ruthless and considered.

Follow these steps to achieve your timeless wardrobe that you own, the most basic standard pieces that you know you will still be wearing 3 years from now.