• Alisha & Almaza

How to celebrate July!

How can you make the most of ‘Xmas in July’ while on lockdown.

Perhaps what we need more than we think is exactly what the most wonderful time of year brings. Christmas in July has gradually spread across the globe. While its not too clear where it began, it seems the story behind it was introduced by those used to Christmas in the northern hemisphere who had moved to the southern climate.

The magic of Xmas lives on in many adults (I’m a major participant of the season and all its magic).

While we aren’t expected to put up the christmas tree - the idea behind celebrating Xmas in July is for the family, the food and the festivities.

Start by setting a date!

Invite your nearest (and within lockdown regulations) and dearest.

Set a menu that’s Xmas inspired.

Play some of your favourite festive music.

Mull some wine!

Watch a classic Xmas movie!

Remember, most importantly - enjoy each other’s company.