• Alisha & Almaza

Got (Oat)Milk?

While actual ‘oat milk’ has its benefits, of which our favourite is that its low in calories, fat and sugar - but also a great source of protein and fiber (just BTW!). This post is not actually about oat milk, the milk. Its about the beautiful pallet trend this season - Oat milk - the colour!

What’s great about this colour is that its trans-seasonal in our opinion. Off-white, ivory and any creamy pearly hues will stand firm in this striking and elegant look. French designer, Isabel Marant, based her collection off this seasons favored colour pallet, highlighting that the secret to pulling it off is to include different textures in your head-to-toe oat-milk look.

You could try a pleated skirt, with an oversized knit.. or denims with a silk blouse and tweed blazer. Whatever combination you choose there’s no denying that this colour trend enhances your sophistication level by x 10!

While this is not a new concept, the idea of full look tonal dressing are off the scale - chic! Also it really appeals to the minimalist in me!