• Alisha & Almaza

Get your French-girl vibe on!

Let us show you how to channel your inner Je ne sais quoi. After all, our dreams of going to Paris seem so far from a reality right now - thanks to divoc (yes, I’ve spelt it backwards on purpose because actually ‘what divoc is going on?’). The idea of walking down a Parisian cobbled street with some of the most loved fashion brands on either side of the road and the most impeccable styled individuals who just seem to ‘get it right’ without even trying. Its almost like its in the air.. the breeze is just whispering style secrets at everyone. Is there any other rational explanation for it all?

With their quintessential style and ability to make almost anything look chic, we looked at the must-haves for attaining your very own French-Girl-Vibe. Yes its a thing!

1. Vintage-inspired Bags

Is there anything about a beautiful vintage handbag that doesn’t politely utter the word “French”? Of course not!

The size isn’t important, you could get this look with a purse through to a tote, just as long as its a timeless piece or a brand that speaks french.

2. The Loafers

Gucci really put us under a spell this year when they launched their fur lined backless loafers. However the French have been styling this trend much longer than we know. The trick is to wear them on their own with a bit of ankle exposed. Then when you want to ‘shake things up’ pair them with a cute frill sock.

3. The Trench Coat

Not just any trench... preferably a beige trench with a belt. Ahh this is why the French love #Burberry so much!

4. The Beret

French? Oui! Totally Oui! This is undoubtedly the cutest way to snuggle up and look adorable.

Regardless if you are loving the French-girl or not.. it really is a great insprivation for classic Autumn/Winter wear.

Afterall, the idea of French girl style is appealing because the French have an undeniable ability to dress in a way that is practical and chic - head to toe.

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