• Alisha & Almaza

Fitness Accessories That Will MAKE You Want to Work Out.

This is the post you have been waiting for.

So there’s no denying that once you get a new accessory - the endorphins kick in and there’s almost a new lease on whatever it is you have the accessory for. Be it a new phone cover, where all you want to do is to show it off. Or a new handbag, and you find yourself ensuring there are only the perfect inclusions packed in neatly. Well the same goes for Fitness accessories. Judging by the way the world is in right now, there’s no doubt that anxiety levels are at an all time high. So exercise is of paramount importance. So if you find yourself feeling a little unmotivated or more stressed of the ‘unknown’ than usual, then you need to excite yourself with something new. Here are our top fitness accessories that will get you on the move to feeling better :

A Fitness Tracker

So if you have not been on this bandwagon as yet, its a great way to get started and get motivated by your friends & family. There are a few different ‘challenges’ and goals that you can join and set for yourself which is a great way to keep you focused on other things.

Fitness Clothing

MY FAVOURITE!!! Head down to cotton on, or even your favourite sportswear brand to build a small collection of fitness apparel. Match your colours, get the hat, headband and cute crops to keep you motivated and keep energy levels up. The cuter your outfit, the more exciting exercising becomes.


Without a doubt, music is critical to keep you motivated while exercising. It allows you to push a 5min workout to a 35min workout without feeling like giving up. So find that perfect pair, that stays put and set a fun playlist that keeps you moving.