• Alisha & Almaza

Ever heard of the Love Hormone?

Its real and its called Oxytocin, but for the ambiance of this #stylestory, we are going to continue referring to it as the love hormone.

Simply put this love hormone is responsible for all the feel-good emotions we express and feel. You know that fuzzy feeling when you get the best hugs? Or that tingle and excitement you feel when you kiss? You can thank the love hormone for these beautiful feelings and playing a pivotal part in our bonding experiences. Kinda like a typical (what we would expect a) love potion, this LH enhances our feelings of love and care we feel.

However, there are additional wonders of this love hormone that plays along the same lines, but may surprise you as well. Here they are:

  1. Sexual Health (a given right?)

  2. Childbirth contractions

  3. Protects fetal brain development

  4. Addiction treatment (by helping reduce addictive behaviours)

  5. Anti-aging benefits (some say that this LH maybe the secret we’ve been looking for all along)

However the serious side is that some of us may have a LH deficiency and those signs could represent in many ways from having difficulty feeling affection, to the lack of joy during sex, to feels of anger and other signs. If you believe that you may have a deficiency in this LH, please speak to your HCP (healthcare professional) about it, do some research and bring that LH back.

Sending lots and lots of LOVE with this Style Story