• Alisha & Almaza

Embracing The Grey Hair Life

It's official. There's a greynaissance happening.

Never before has the spotlight been on silver and grey hair in quite the same way – especially with salons being shut due to covid and many of us too nervous to try our hand at colouring our own hair. Given that 80% of us will go grey at some point, it's heartening to see more of us embracing our god-given greys, and it's promising to see brands really investing in developing targeted, modern and luxurious solutions, designed with enhancement and care in mind, for a demographic that, historically, has been under catered for.

Attitudes towards going grey have changed drastically over the last few years with leading advocates like model Daphne Selfe and actress Helen Mirren all embracing their natural colour. It's not just natural greys either. The shade has undergone a rebrand, and been reclaimed as a coveted and chic choice of colour for all ages.

Those that don't have them, want them. Recently, we've seen celebs like Ariana Grande, P!nk, Ciara and members of the Kardashian tribe experimenting with icy silvers and grey.

Hair colour brand Bleach London offers its customers a Fade To Grey Kit, which includes a semi-permanent, nourishing toner that infuses hair with subtle charcoal tones, as well as safeguarding against unwanted brassiness, and Josh Wood Colour Icy Blonde Shot has also been designed to boost the silver tones in grey hair to keep it looking its best.

That's not to say there's anything wrong with wanting to cover up your natural greys either. Not everyone fancies showcasing their silver strands, and nor do they have to. Thanks to a spike in tinted shampoos, root concealers and colour depositing masks, disguising your greys at home is easier than ever.